On a horse with no name. #surprise
  • dorseyryanOn a horse with no name. #surprise

  • itsofficialbkDon't pay any attention to these haters Ryan! You seem like a great guy and will treat her with respect. I'm sure you know that yourself so just keep being yourself and may God bless you both for many years!
  • molesnatHorse faceeeee. Lol. Congrats bro. Best of luck she's beautiful! !! I mean naya. Not the horse. BAHAHAH. Hit me up when u get a chance!!
  • salar.arsalanPlease post a photo of you an Naya together!
  • monymoeeI'm laughing reading all these comments, some of you people need to find a hobby.. I wish you and Naya nothing but the best you're a beautiful couple. ☺
  • e.mmadayWishing you and Naya the best!! Congratulations!❤️❤️
  • wwhmdTake good care of Naya 😊
  • makayla.stroudcongrats!!! 💕 you better treat Naya like the goddess she is 👸!!! - Xoxo
  • itsnayabitchesJust want to tell you this bc naya is my idol my role model and inspiration so make her happy, never hurt her, and I hope you the best, you make a cute couple, even though I ship her with Heather... (impossible thing, I know) So men you are the luckiest human in this planet! And luckily you have a cool surname haha Rivera Doresy sound great :P And lets ignore the haters coz haters gonna hate so lets let them hate while we have fun and live our lives. I WISH YOU THE BEST, and tell naya to be more active on insta we want a Dorsvera selfie!! And also tell her to keep working on her album coz we think she really deserves her own album. Love from Barcelona xoxo
  • raquel430Dorsey! Congrats on your marriage!!! I just got married over the weekend & it was the BEST feeling ever! So glad you also got to experience the most wonderful feeling of love! Your wedding got a little more publicity than mine though, haha! She's a lucky gal to marry a WV man!!!
  • miss.melo22Love this !
  • deanna_woodsYou just married my idol!! Please treat her with nothing but respect. Don't be like big Sean who was the epitome of trash.
  • gia.rhBig sean cheated on naya, and she's known Ryan for years so who gives a fuck @wtdfll
  • seen_it_all_forealThis ain't trill man. # thot shit
  • shaydahbaehmm is writing to you my best shot to get noticed by Naya?🙏🙈
  • gleekforrever@prettygrandegleek That's so true
  • phan_winchesterWell @dorseyryan.. how does it feel to be married to the greatest, sweetest and hottest woman in the world?
  • itsofficialbk@wtdfll lol I hope you have a blessed day hunn. Living the life of a hater and talking shit to her loved ones aren't going to get you anywhere, but wasting your time! Don't disrespect someone you don't even know! Ryan hasn't done anything but love her and hopefully treat her right. Live your life sweetie, stop worrying about someone who you don't even like. I'm going to pray for you 'cause that's honestly what you need.
  • vikktoria_v_fNice shot🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • karlamogsIt's him @yazi28
  • chlo3.vbNo shoes either
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