Delays, delays delays #edinburghbound
  • isthatjessiejDelays, delays delays #edinburghbound

  • jessiejlover100ARE U SERIOUSE!!!! IF YOU DONT LIKE JESSIE GET OFF HER PAGE IF YOU DONT LOKE HER SINGING IF YOU DONT LIKE HER MUSIC IF YOU DONT LIKE HER VOICE DONT EVEN BOTHER JUST GET OFF HER PAGE COME ON NOW BE MATURE ENOUGH AND IF YOU DONT LIKE SOMEONE PREVENT THEM!!!!! NO NEED TO HATE SHE HAS ENOUGH THINGS ON HER MIND SHE DOESNT NEED THIS ALSO!!! @kellyhoggan28 @isthatjessiej ignore the haters and you are always there for your heartbeats and now we are there for u at this moment.. Love you Jess. ❤️ @isthatjessiej always remember that you have thousands of people out there that love you very much and always know that's your heartbeats love u ok Jess.❤️❤️
  • jessiejlover100And @isthatjessiej remember that we will always be there for u ❤️
  • becca_lm_Why do people hate jessie j she's my ideal i look up to her... She's beautiful, the best voice and the most inspiring EVER!! I love you kessie xx
  • becca_lm_Jessie
  • becca_lm_@isthatjessiej
  • niccutajarSee you :)
  • niccutajar*hope
  • ssthatjessiejThere are pics of Jessie smiling to her fans, there is no proof she gave someone a dirty look. A real fan would know she was sick and know he human too. We should put all rachet ass haters in a gas chamber and make them suffer, just for the lols. Well they think is funny to troll and write mean stuff, let's flip the tables and suffocate them with carbon monoxide. Sorry to be so detailed and nasty but... Meh. I couldn't care. I love @isthatjessiej an I doubt she would hate her real fans
  • jessiejlover100THANK U @ssthatjessiej !! Like you see her in her concerts she cries and reads letters from her fans like she is obviously crying because she loves us like really!!!!! That got me mad!!! 😡
  • ssthatjessiej@jessiejlover100 I know right!? She cried in Birmingham 2011 coz te crowd knew Who You Are and she was so happy she made it to who she is! She wouldn't just throw it all away by hating her fans. Fake fans disgust me, haters are asking to be knifed in the throat and true hb should say together as a family and don't let phonies in! They're like hobos and haters are like cockroaches... Emphasis on the cock
  • jessiejlover100Yaaaaasss!!! Preach it girl tell them haters!!! @ssthatjessiej 🙏🙌🙌
  • kellyhoggan28@motheranddaughterheartbeat leave me alone
  • cathyheartbeat@kellyhoggan28 your a bit late commenting back, well you had better tell all the other heartbeats the same thing, next time think what your saying then, no one upsets our Jessie, heartbeats will always have her back
  • cathyheartbeat@kellyhoggan28 so it's took you 2 days to say something back to me omg lmao
  • millie.wright_@motheranddaughterheartbeat he's probably didn't do that she just wanted an excuse for her saying die in a plane crash if she was a real heartbeat she wouldn't NEVER say that! Why would you that's horrid😓😓😓😓😓
  • millie.wright_*jess probably didn't do that
  • cathyheartbeat@_isthatmillie_ Jess would never do that , and it wasn't her she supposedly gave the dirty look to it was someone else, this kelly hogan just agreed with her, and said she shouldn't treat her fans like that and deserves to die in a plane crash
  • millie.wright_Oh we'll that's discussing and I know jess wouldn't do that either! X @motheranddaughterheartbeat
  • kellyhoggan28@motheranddaughterheartbeat it's cause I have been on holiday
  • baylieclentonxoJess is this in London or Essex x
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