Playing hide and seek in the park of the Palazzo Reale, Naples
  • thesartorialistPlaying hide and seek in the park of the Palazzo Reale, Naples

  • cup3Che bella immagine.
  • saramagro_ttnDid you take art subway? Curator Achille Bonito Oliva.
  • songiuCome to Cetara, scott :-)!!! Spaghetti alla colatura di alici with the feet on the sand and the blue in the eyes !
  • m_ellemPrecious!
  • nisidaa@thesartorialist Hope you have tried once in your life :-)
  • masha318@kbml16
  • ivanhopedale@thesartorialist come to Vomero, the richest part of Naples and you will shot a lot of beautiful street style 😉
  • khamjuniorHope their fun
  • rosinaperriBoo !
  • lindaviensTimeless & precious!
  • joyofvintageBeautiful moment beautifully captured
  • hakiabehseraOh the love... @sarahzohar
  • pinucciaroveda😊
  • too_much_elixMa a Napoli tutti giocano a nascondino? 😁❤️🇮🇹 Does everybody in Naples play hide&seek (nascondino is the italian name of this game)?
  • vintageparis_official💕
  • sylviamdez25😍😄👍
  • fpipitone@elixitsme La 'nnacquarella è in effetti il gioco più diffuso tra i bambini a Napoli, aiutati tantissimo da vichi e vicarielli, portoni alberi e monumenti. Per fortuna i nostri scugnizzi hanno subìto molto meno degli altri l' invasione tecnologica - "'nnacquarella" (Neapolitan for hide&seek) is in fact the most popular game between our children, who can play among little streets, trees, monuments. Fortunately, scugnizzi suffered much less than other occidental cities' children the digital invasion.
  • vrmakeeva👏👏👏
  • leilaaa__l@ramaahmadi lena samano kheft karde😂😂😂😂
  • instefangramIsn't it parco di Capodimonte?
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