Photobomb by my favorite boy!! #mamalove #foreverlove #breakfastoutside #perfectday
  • jloPhotobomb by my favorite boy!! #mamalove #foreverlove #breakfastoutside #perfectday

  • vnl1774Некрашенная еще красивее!
  • karimealpucheMAaxx
  • noelialoztor_nlo.9Mi Max!! Que guapo por dios!! Lo amo cantidad, ojalá pudiera conocerle a él y a su hermana Emme, ¡Los amo!♥♥♥
  • jnkoxLove her natural
  • raquel5491Se q eres una buena madre tengo una nena soy de Honduras ayudame no kiero estar en este país pliss mirame
  • lukecapullaI've no words to explain
  • smoothgee2014You still looking cute with no make up wow text me
  • lukecapullaToo late - I've already lost my normality. Angel is What Angel is And Angels obviously Live on earth and I'm an Angel too
  • sonmontuno10Tata
  • lukecapullaAmor De Conuco _ Camilo-Guera-Tomatito. From Lj to Jlo with endless Joy in my Heart
  • ttdataloveI completely understand when you say your son is your factory boy ... I have a 7 year old son who is the men of my life, my true love....
  • ttdataloveI admire you as a women, as a mom, as an artist, as a human been .... You inspire me every day
  • m.hmiadMagnifique <3
  • j_delight1Very attractive, perfect skin, no naps popping up all over the place...great eyebrows... Attractive!!!!❤ Still can't register that they said CatFe was very attractive naturally... @the_kase
  • audzholland@bwide_90
  • lukecapullaMy soul :) :)
  • lukecapulla...Only one of you, holds in within My soul. One you for forever and eternity. It is that important that fact.
  • marvik__I was looking for the first most natural pic, this was it. Remember... you wanted to be an artist, before being famous.
  • cbucci44@jlo now that's perfection...
  • master_writerFind info on the internet
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