Back home 💙 thanks for having me New York!
  • birdyinstagramBack home 💙 thanks for having me New York!

  • beautxfulsHi Birdy I just wanted to tell u that ur voice is just so great & supernatural, and I love ALL your songs & ALL ur person :D I had been learning piano & guitar since.... A looooooong time ago that I don't even remember, but I don't think I like it (I guess I was the painting kind not the music kind back then), I did it just because I am Dad & Mom's good girl. Then I found u, and I listened to ur songs, and most of them are sang with piano, so I tried ur songs on piano and it just sound so....different then other songs I had played in all those years. I tried a lot of ur songs, and every song surprised me although they are all really common chords, but I don't know why with ur light & beautiful voice they just seems so bright, so like what MUSIC should be. I started to love music since then, and I played instruments not only for my parents. I have to say, thank u SO much, thank u so much for inspiring me, and I saw in ur pics of how u smile & I just started to smile too (okay now I sound weird. I'm a girl!!😜). I love it in ur MTVs how u look so dark, and how ur voice sound with ur accent. I just want to say ur such an brilliant people, bright & dark at the same time, and ur just incredibly beautiful♡ (okay this is long & stinky sorry😳)
  • serragecrBirdyyy ♥♪♥♪
  • nanda_lleete amo <3
  • oseahello93You are getting more and more famous in Spain. Come back soon please <3 love you
  • saintsepulvedaCan't wait for you to come in the philippines :)
  • itsalxssaBirdy
  • itsalxssayou're
  • itsalxssaamazing
  • itsalxssaily
  • itsalxssanotice
  • itsalxssame
  • hanhan_showchina
  • lauren.sykes@teen.contests
  • pinker_940010love you
  • dearlleilaDidn't catch you there
  • dearlleilaFeel sad
  • miakalotaycome to perth, australia
  • thay.skyPlease say hello to me , i love you
  • thay.skyPlease say hello to me , i love you
  • thay.skyPlease say hello to me , i love you
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