Sharing Memories.
  • questloveSharing Memories.

  • micheleqjSincere condolences. Prayers for comfort and strength.
  • jlbarrowMy condolences ?uest. #dixpop
  • jewelsingaRIP Rich #phillysown
  • mrfocusedeyeRIP To a brotha who talked less words but when those less word were spoken. It meant a lot. @questlove . May God make it easy on you and the Band, Ameen
  • genobravoIs "beosh" a variation of that?
  • sweetesttaboosI hope you're okay... Death is a painful experience but it can lead to greater new things if you use it to push yourself forward and not backwards. Use it to celebrate life! Don't bottle it up... Love ya boo and condolences to the entire Roots crew.
  • 2nics80My uncle is not dead. He is sick, but is still with us. So, please place your energy towards prayers for his wife and sons and family. Thank you.
  • 2nics80He is off the breathing machine and is own his own per his son Middy, but he is still here. You all just pray for him.
  • rhettmaticMy deepest condolence to u & the crew Quest...god bless
  • wonderlee123Just saw this! Sorry for your loss!
  • thatguysmokey48@fncktyler haha Ikr!!!
  • scottstewart_photographyI'm sorry for your loss...God Bless
  • mikzreyesDeepest condolences
  • darekmazzoneSorry for your loss Ahmir.
  • carelesslywhisperedI'm sorry... Let's keep the light and love and memory lifted.
  • juliewhitebreadOh I feel terrible what a lovely man he was my condolences
  • deniiandlucie@karenjyyz spelled a bit differently but biche none the less
  • promoman07Just heard the news, sorry for your loss..
  • wardette@hobochicmusic eeeerrrrr 🙈 hahahahaha xx
  • hobochicmusicHahaha @wardette I will prob grow to regret it 😉 xx
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