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  • adam_carrikerEach week a fan will ask how my leg is doing and when I'll be back on the football field. My answer has simply been that I'm focused and working hard. Yesterday, I did the hex bar dead lift for 2 reps at 505lbs. #LargestArmsOnTheDLine is not just strong...he is healthy.

  • pranaptAwesome! Love seeing this!
  • conteropsNow it's just a matter of STAYING healthy for 16 games.
  • joe_e_oGood for you!!!
  • seanmattesonYou look like you could have done about ten.
  • aprilwalker2013❤️❤️❤️ can't wait for the great news!!! #superman
  • k33duffin the Background watching big stuff taking place keep up the hard work big man
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