Double-tap to welcome back Avery Bradley, who just signed a new deal with the #Celtics. Check out for the story.
  • celticsDouble-tap to welcome back Avery Bradley, who just signed a new deal with the #Celtics. Check out for the story.

  • jbeezy03This is cool...but c'mon Ainge stop being so conservative we are gonna have another terrible season and loose a top point gaurd cuz we dont want to spend no money! Lets gooo. If Danny doesnt make any noise he needs to go! It sucks being terrible....its hard to support! @celtics
  • jbeezy03We need some legit bigs!! Every other team is spending money trying to contend but us this sucks! Smh......@celtics
  • k1n6__How dumb are you? Dont you think if there was any money to spend we'd have good players coming? Come on dude be smart, celtics are paying players to much to stay! If you want money we have to get rid if green and rondo and others! But it what in return? Why do you think we're getting players like Marcus thorton? There players that don't get payed much! @jbeezy03
  • pila_moreira@robert_tartt HIM
  • the_rascal_king_25@sammiecapp
  • jbeezy03Cmon bro we got some bad contracts from Brooklyn that we can dump....rondo and green are just two ppl it aint like they got max contracts. Its always a way we got to many gaurds! These other teams are makin it happen with ppl under im not buying that. Danny is not aggressive enough to get us back into contension bottom line! @_certifiedxoriginal_
  • damjuiceHe sucks
  • daddygee25Fuck her right in the pussy
  • j_wade11813@jbeezy03 exactly
  • twonumberbearsclear wallpaper
  • bahlakayyRondo smart and Bradley could be one of the best backcourts in the league if they continue to develop their offensive games
  • averydtrouLol
  • seanmorales__I wish we picked up Lance! Rondo and Stephenson would've been a dangerous duo!
  • nick_riefer13@simon_westveer #too #wet
  • lexi_shectmanCheck dm please
  • believethehype_2Avery Bradley baby
  • david_ronanBradley =beast Lets go #Celtics!
  • true_hark14@helpful_shoutz got me 1k
  • phendon4Why is his account on private
  • viny_alvez@alefe_rocha
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