Please dont be fooled by the hype @thebaddestputa1 jumped of the couch 1st attacked ThiThi and got her ass WOOOPED! Now I dont condone  VIOLENCE BUT @luvheraltheaheart had to defend herself, now AFTER security grabbed THITHI JOSE WENT FOR TAMMY AND THEN DEB WOOPED HER THEN AFTER SECURITY BROKE THAT UP JOSE WENT DOWNSTAIRS WITH HER PIMP AND THAT COWARD LET JOSELINE BEAT UP MIMI!! Now THATS THE TRUTH! DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!! And as you can see @luvheraltheaheart still looks FLAWLESS! All yall fans of that PSYCHOTIC ANIMAL, ASK HER TO POST A PIC!! She's having a bad week #lhhatl @vh1 #thiandzforlife
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