Three. #HOGAB
  • stonesourThree. #HOGAB

  • mauidisasterpieceI think it's going to be a great thing, whatever is going to be. :')
  • paulparedespaezWe want Jim Root BACK!!!
  • martinrustybrennanAwesome I love the album's, short story and comic.
  • ben_sullivan_photoJust realized your name is we are stone sour and not weare stone sour
  • connorfraser515iiiiiiii wasn't promised a thing, you keep mocking me, but you will never again
  • speedeespyderDig the comicesque art... And @paulparedespaez I feel the same but sometimes change is a good thing for some or all directly involved...I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision but I doubt we'll be left dissatisfied by the future endeavors of either SS or JR...
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