An alien in NY
  • rosemcgowanAn alien in NY

  • _gabrielageeMichael was attractive tbh.
  • prcutiepie3@rosemcgowan it's quite simple .. Ignore the ignorance .. They took time in browsing and commenting .. Mama always says "let them talk all they want" that's means they are just hating .. The truth of the matter is if we all gad money for some nip tuck I'm sure we would all do it !!
  • tayetha60barber@the_v0ice_says eat shit...
  • the_v0ice_says@tayetha60barber .... such a cool guy! Real grown huh? LOL
  • wyattsmom71511@rosemcgowan how's that saying go....a Rose by any other name would not smell as sweet? Yeah I probably just totally butchered that but what I mean is, I think you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul and an amazing heart at that. You exude confidence. Which is something so many women and young girls lack. Maybe if they had more role models like you they'd know their true self worth and see their own beauty. Rock on Rose. Much love from a fan and her 3 yr old boy (who loves hearing you sing Fever on Charmed). ;) ♡♡
  • rlambert90I love your work don't listen to these assholes
  • steph73_xoxo@mikeyzworld17 she was in a car accident in 07! Do your research dumbass!
  • coelhogeoffrey@rosemcgowan Shit has these haters stupid. you're flawless #queenmcgowan 👑
  • _gabrielagee@chriss769 This bitch claimed he wanted to be "white" & "Irish" Lmfao she obviously doesn't know shit. Michael had vitiligo. He couldn't control the changing of his skin.. Lol back tf up if you don't know NOTHING about Michael & what he went through literally his whole life. She has it easy compared to him. She's not even that famous lol. For her to say those things about a deceased/legend/KING. That's just as low as her career.
  • brookeee_ellen@chriss769 totally agree with you here, the haters should be the ones apologising, they are the ones that lashed out on her, comparing her to someone that completely changed his looks. just because she is pale skinned, has a small nose and has dark hair does not make her an automatic look alike to MJ. haters have a heart and think of what you are doing, look what happened to charlotte dawson because of these kind of haters.
  • brookeee_ellen@rosemcgowan you have a beautiful heart and your TRUE fans love you and understand you and we send you our love xxooxox
  • emisswapsYeah such an alien
  • emisswapsOld woman from downtown
  • _gabrielagee@chriss769 Uhm she did say that. Lol & Michael didn't get a lot of surgeries. Lol trust me hun I know way more about him than you do, & this rose chick whoever she is, DID get surgery lmao. Michael didn't change that much. She compared him from when he was a little boy to when he was older. Like DUH he's gonna look different! Compare him from the 90's to 00's there's not much difference. He didn't get surgery because he wanted to "change" he had reasons to get those surgeries done! So don't come at me with all that. Your a fan of Michaels but you don't know a whole about him huh? & being told you look like Michael is a blessing. She should be proud. Michael was beautiful inside & out thanks
  • xshiftingshadowsx@chriss769 uhh you claim to be an MJ fan and yet you're sitting here trying to say that it is considered "rude" to be told you look like him? As if it's a fucking insult? && also, Michael didn't have a lot of plastic surgery. He broke his fucking nose, and that is why he had his first nose surgery to begin with, and the doctor actually fucked that up. So the following surgeries were an attempt to fix what some dumb fuck didn't do right the first time. And this bitch has had surgery herself too. Lip injections, etc. Difference is, not all of Michaels were for "cosmetic" reasons. 😘 he wasn't trying to change his look, people are forever saying "he bleached his skin" "he wanted to be lighter" "he hated being black" dude he had vitiligo and that actually DOES matter, "mj fan" because that's one of the main things people pick apart about his appearance change was his skin color. 😬👋 just sayin. @gabriela__j 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
  • _gabrielagee@moonwalker_758 LOVE YOU 💋💞
  • the_creepy_cryptYou realise that NONE of you really know MJ right or the whole truth behind why or what he had done? This conversation is nothing but vile bullying. I'm a Michael & Rose fan but not a FANATIC. Seriously if someone said I looked like a dood then id be pretty upset too even if it was a comparison to MJ. Guys lighten up, MJ would turn in his grave if he saw all the HATE! He stood for peace and love or have you already forgotten!! @rosemcgowan you don't need me to validate your beauty, of course you are simply stunning ✌️
  • thesteelegirlYou are a beautiful alien 2 me rose x outa dis world xo
  • nataliealexxxaGorgeous 🌹
  • aloof_a_louf_loaf@_gabrielagee @moonwalker_758 rose mcgowan's plastic surgeries weren't for cosmetic reasons. she was in a really bad car accident and her eye was sliced open. pot kettle black fuckface
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