Exactly. You dumb fucks. Eat it.
  • rosemcgowanExactly. You dumb fucks. Eat it.

  • charzii_the_ithilquessir@rosemcgowan you should learn from her
  • just.michaelthingsMy man💖
  • lilyignitesthedawn@rosemcgowan Michael Jackson didn't get plastic surgery to become white he has a skin disease called vitiligo so please get your facts straight before you speak
  • sweetdemoness55@thriller__bad.... that's hilarious if you think it would turn his entire body white.... give me a break. Dick
  • sweetdemoness55Look at all of these MJ fan twats. Lol. Get some lives people!
  • yeeezus1392@thriller__bad I heard of the skin disease but do please explain his Nose
  • jacobsocialite@gatillo_manson
  • mariapazesIgnorante de mierda :)
  • chris_isales3All you people who be posting Negative crap on @rosemcgowan photos are immature. If you dont like her photos, Them Why the fuck you on her Instagram. If you have nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all. Grow the fuck up. I maybe late by posting this, but its never to late to tell the truth. Rose Mcgowan is very beautiful. If you dont think so. Dont post it cuz your opinion doesnt matter. Okay👌 You guys need to stop this bullshit. Ive been bullied and called names. You feel horrible about yourself. How would you feel if someone goes on your Instagram and starts saying shit about you? Huh. Not Good. @rosemcgowan is human too. She has feeling too. Stop your childish shit and move on with your life. 👌✌
  • kevnk1mEat shit. lol
  • kevnk1mSo I guess vitiligo can change the shape of your nose every year? smh @shanalee_87
  • michaeljacksonfeedEver heard of vitiligo? u stupid hoe
  • kimyasminahMichael Jackson is and still the best artist in the world and jealous people always have something to say because they never can do what he does in his live. The joke about his skin colour or his surgery ,its because people are jealous. R.I.P Michael Jackson The King of Pop ♥
  • roxyplus1Michael had 2 surgeries on his nose. He broke his nose and then the second time was because he was having problems breathing out if it! So to all those on these comments talking shit maybe do your research instead of opening your mouth. @yeeezus1392 @sweetdemoness55 @kevnk1m
  • roxyplus1And vitiligo doesn't start off by changing all your skin white. It does it slowly. He used make up to try and make it even. Go research it. @sweetdemoness55
  • yeeezus1392@roxyplus1 why am i tagged from a post 35 weeks ago
  • sweetdemoness55@roxyplus1 .... hahahaha!!!! Seriously? 34 weeks later. GET A LIFE!!!
  • anjelica_arcadiaWhy do I feel like this picture is almost a confession of some sorts. Like "Obviously I got work done, and who cares."
  • ansulolzwhat about this picture?
  • amovieguy14@monsterman1985
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