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  • chelseahouskaLast night she said she couldn't always remember the letters in her name...SO we made it into a song! And she's been singing it all morning😊 #Aubree

  • nicollfuller@its.me815 she's 2. Your sister is 2. Not 23 months. That sounds stupid.
  • eat.ass.people815My sister is 23 months, don't tell me how old MY little sister is! @nicollfuller
  • eat.ass.people815She isn't 2 yet, so let me do me and stay out of my business!
  • nicollfullerYep you're right. And I'm 264 months old. @its.me815 you realize how stupid it sounds instead of just saying she's almost 2.
  • eat.ass.people815No not really, my mom doesn't get how it sounds stupid so, sorry! I will say what I want to say how I want to say it @nicollfuller
  • sabella0xLol @its.me815 you sound so dumb it's not even funny I'm glad your 13 cause now it makes sense but who brings there mom's into social media convos. 23 months and 2 years are basically the same grow up
  • eat.ass.people815My mom looks at my IG sometimes so but out! @sabella0x
  • eat.ass.people815P.S I am a very smart and mature 13 year old, I say things my way and I don't need ur opinion when this had nothing to do with u @sabella0x
  • sabella0xThis is the exact reason why 13 year olds shouldn't have instagrams .. come back in 5 years when you actually know what shit means . And if your mom looks at your IG that's your problem right there. Your far from mature you don't know wtf your talking about @its.me815
  • eat.ass.people815Yes, I do so stay the hell out of my business and my mom checks my IG to make sure no one is cyberbulling me because I got cyberbullied for the past 2 year!!!! I am very smart for my age, so bye! @sabella0x
  • sabella0xYeah you get cyber bullied cause you're annoying as hell and should stay off social media .. this has nothing to do with being smart for your age so who cares? Oh yeah no one @its.me815
  • eat.ass.people815Ur obviously not a real woman to be talking to a teenager this way! That is not the reason y I get cyber bullied, and if u knew the real reason u would be saying the things so, I'm going to be a WOMAN and quit talking to u! @sabella0x
  • mrs_gudselak3@jdgudselak A-U-B-R-E-E 😍
  • ariannatahaei@emiliadube @annaleightahaei omg she's so cute
  • __ashyyyy_She is so adorable
  • yiselita18@ccodling93
  • tae_busbyWhere did you buy her skirt
  • tae_busby@__ashyyyy_ you are acting like your a adult
  • __ashyyyy_@tae_busby no I'm not I just said she is so adorable
  • bfriederz@selma_623
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