It's going up! You can walk through all of the rooms in the basement and on the first floor! So exciting!
  • heatherdubrowIt's going up! You can walk through all of the rooms in the basement and on the first floor! So exciting!

  • carshu.1Why are people jealous of other people? Can't wait to see new house!
  • jaimiehhowardI really hope y'all actively give back some of your outrageously uncommon lifestyle. You are a beautiful family, and many others can never drive of a life so rich.
  • jaimiehhowarddream*
  • texasgirl327I think you respect yourself your self then anyone I have ever know, even though not in person you deserve what you have because you work for it for your family and your self so don't listen to the haters afar as Shannon she does need help and maybe you are the only person with anyone kind of brain and heart who can help.
  • saaarah86@heatherdubrow. I think ur awesome! ! I love the way you are and I think Shannon is crazy!!!
  • coneill8776Thank you for all the sneak peaks! Looking forward to your next update & some decorating ideas for our own updates.
  • kassie157Getting higher.... Can't wait to c it done!
  • kstockwell5Fake. .....
  • janiceholfeldI love heather as well but even Heather knows Shannon is NOT crazy and I am sure she is not supportive in her fans acting as if Heather wants others to dislike Shannon or pick sides. I still have high hopes Heather really does still have class.
  • jacquesbennyHeather- I've lost complete interest in you as a character- your acting career has become your life and it's hard to watch. Hoping you seek help and return next season.
  • jacquesbennyAs someone who held inter-ivy viewing parties at the respective NYC clubs, I can say that you've let us all down- there was a relatability that you completely lost with time. Interactions with Terry have grown visibly superficial and I'm hoping you abstain from going further down this self-destructive path.
  • jacquesbennyAt the heart of it, we all saw the good in you and hope that you deal with whatever demons are prventing you from being that self.
  • woodyswife2006How exciting
  • legallyfab_Completely agree! @jacquesbenny
  • zoeydavies89@jaquesbenny why is whatever is going on in heathers life such a big issue to you. Surely you got enough to be getting on with in your life. She's happily married with beautiful children. Leave her alone for god sake. You'd be bragging about your "new mansion" as well if you could afford it!
  • lisamadelinev@alyeden go back to school and learn comprehension, because clearly you did not understand my comment. I am not a hater nor a "tree planter" why don't you stop trying to be one of those people who butt their noses in when clearly they are not being spoken to in the first place.
  • chelseamccann@jacquesbenny speak for yourself! I love the dubrows and no one cares about your opinion! At least I don't!
  • mii0071I was interested in @jacquesbenny opinion, so please don't assume everyone agrees with you and isn't interested in what someone else has to say. And it's funny to say why are you so interested in what is going on in Heather's life, um she went on RH so viewers would become interested. Do you think its okay to just put roses and rainbows on her pages, tell her how great she is? Growth comes from the realization that you have room to grow. Heather would never realize she needed to grow if everyone only praised her. Being a HW comes with getting the viewers opinions, good or bad.
  • kbearz03Cracks me up that complete strangers fight with each other.. On behalf of a complete stranger! Lol 😍
  • hbgtgHeather, if you have not yet decided on a landscape designer, please contact me. I would Love to design your new garden. You will Not be disappointed 😉Cat
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