• rosemcgowanAfghanistan

  • wes_de_locheWTF this post is weeks old and you all are still attacking her and arguing like kindergarten recess bullies? Fuck you all! Sorry rose don't even know you in real life but people are just ignorant! The only reason I came on this is because I accidentally hit something in my inbox.
  • rebellionbrit@rosemcgowan You are beautiful and my favorite actress of all time!
  • 4cal4u_@q83aloya shut up weak bitch u know dick all about anything so sit the fuck down cunt
  • emon.eylook mj fans I do not think she intentionally meant to disrespect Michael at all remember that she got the surgery cause she got in a major car accident and might be insecure and yes Michael did have a skin disease but vitiligo does not effect your nose shape it does however effect your skin losing pigmentation your hair turning blond that includes your eyelashes it also effects your eyes etc.... the point I'm trying to make is that Michael had a choice to do what he did and yes maybe one of the reasons he had surgery was because of fame and pressure of the media or who knows what but rose did not she unluckily got in a car accident that involved her needing reconstructive surgery.... just be a little sensitive about what you say towards both of them and why people even care I don't know it's there noses they're faces they're body's
  • faith_hope_love_2@tinacurran hmmm my twin? 😊
  • tinacurran@jamartinez84 duhhhhhh but fo real!!! Pray for my new
  • tinacurran@jamartinez84 neck
  • faith_hope_love_2👍 gotcha b @tinacurran
  • tinacurranNeck***
  • dickcraverr@kanebulll thankssss
  • sweetdemoness55Beautiful as always
  • dxnielrojxsI love you so much. You're brilliant and incredible. Iconic and timeless beauty 💘👠
  • michaeljacksonfeed@socie.ty One of the reasons why MJ had a nose job was bc he also got in an accident. Gosh
  • kylyesenia😘
  • sandra_salazar87To sit there and disrespect Michael Jackson because your mad about being compared to him look wise is not his fault don't sit there and insult him just like nobody knew the fact as to why your nose looks like that you DONT know the facts as to why he got surgery on his So fuck you lady next time have some respect over someone that can't defend himself @rosemcgowan
  • xaquiri@rosemcgowan #gorgeous
  • roxyplus1I'm a huge MJ fan and a big fan of Rose. I don't think she purposely disrespected him. She looks nothing like MJ. And MJ broke his nose and the 2nd surgery was because he was having problems breathing! And Rose was in a car wreck. Maybe do your research. Michael was the most beautiful person. Rose is unbelievably gorgeous!
  • noaheerzYou look like Rose McGowan💁 @rosemcgowan
  • harl.eyrossLol I read this in a magazine
  • susiepwilliamsLookin flyy 😘
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