No more excuses. Use this week to prove to YOURSELF that you CAN make it happen!
  • tyrabanksNo more excuses. Use this week to prove to YOURSELF that you CAN make it happen!

  • daisy.manciniSo inspirational!!! 👏 You're great @tyrabanks ! TOP!!!
  • hennasahotaThat's what I'm doing! Working hard as I can!!
  • kingof_heartzI will
  • curtwayne95#whatittakes
  • juicy_j909@mariahcarey my theme song 💯
  • steven.maxwell@dmitryzhelenkov can i hear this in your vocabulary instead of "try"
  • thecinemadoll@mlle_lebouef ❤️
  • mkforeshort😊✨
  • kushnoshaI'm trying!!!! lbs Please pick me as a contestant!!! I really want this!!! Please give me a chance.
  • human8ballI'm tryna #whatittakes
  • kushnoshaPlease notice me!!!! I wanna be on cycle 22 soooo bad!! I live in Dubuque, IA. Please give me a chance.
  • thelifeofverseI made it happen and it went crazy 😳
  • alexxcorpTrying to get on cycle 22!!!
  • taylorfacerI made it happen! I signed with an agency and I'm going to my first casting today!
  • mod3lo_dulcePLZZZZ #pickme @tyrabanks @michellemockcasting @shaprintacelynn @mollybrescia @jessejamestopanga #CASTMOD3LO_DULCE I'M #not2tall #not2short #JUSTRIGHT I have #WHATITTAKES #noticeme #CASTMOD3LO_DULCE #getnoticed22 for #antm22 #cycle22 I WANT IT DO BADLY PRAYING THAT YOU CHOOSE ME
  • sabrinahmua@thedestaninoel 😘
  • juliete_davisI would love a chance on your show . I am young and very driven . Don't forget tall ! I've been looking for any type of legit email for you but couldn't find any . I'm praying you'll see this and take a chance with me for your next cycle . I've watch every single one and I know what it takes to be on top !!! I love what your doing with us young models . I just hope wish and pray I'll have that chance 🙏
  • kyralewissstill stalking
  • _shaquala_Hi! I read Dominique's article and I was Greatly inspired by it . I know you read thousands of messages and request everyday so the chance of you responding is rare but I thought does it ever hurt to try. That's why I'm here. I'm Shaquala Courtland and aspiring 5'8 model from Alabama . I just know that it never hurts to try and frankly I'm here trying. I was a little down because of the show canceling but considering Dominique audition and still didn't make it. It didn't stop her destiny . Dreams definitely come true and I know it would be an honor if you just opened this message. I just want to say you inspire me soooo much and I'm so thankful for successful models like you who have paved the way for upcoming models like myself. If you could give me any tips or a simple hey I would greatly appreciate it! I love you lots and I pray you have a blessed day! I just wanted to try. It never hurts. One thing I learned from the article is I definitely have what it takes to do what it takes ! 😌❤️ going to keep smizing! Thanks lots!
  • karendenisew@tyrabanks First I want to say congratulations to you new bundle of joy! Secondly I wanted to ask a question.. Do you think I have what it takes to become a model or even ANTM ? I know I'm beautiful but sometimes I get afraid because I've gained weight in areas models should gain. I don't have a neck 😒 and my boobs are just geeesshhhh BIG. It's like I'm not considered curvy but I'm petite either ... So from an expert eye like you I truly want to know do have what it takes? If not can you tell me what I should do to improve myself.
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