Four. #HOGAB
  • stonesourFour. #HOGAB

  • _marianasalesb😍😍😍😍
  • evanlaffertyTrying to fully understand this...
  • tim_hardballWow wow woow! Easy guys, eeeasy!
  • adrianjsonIf this is a build up for house of gold and bones the song you guys need to stop. That song is basically just gone sovereign and absolute zero mashed together. Part two really disappointed me. Imo
  • matty_driscollI thought I had an idea of what's going on with the pictures but then I saw the Eagle head and then lost any ideas hahaha. Can't wait though SS!!!!
  • matty_driscoll@_fuego_negro_ Dude it's supposed to sound like that.... That's what a concept album does. He went full circle and that's why the last song is a reprise of everything. It sums everything up and ties it together.
  • ryandc2007Then get the fuck off the page dick weed. First off, go look at the main part of their page. All the pictures go together to make one. Secondly, you think they give a fuck about your bs? It's a story. Most concept albums revert back to parts of previous songs. Clearly, they know some parts resemble each other, they fucking wrote it that way. Ever heard of "The Wall", dipshit? Know what you're talking about before you make yourself look fucking dumb. Which clearly isn't difficult for you to do.
  • h_woody4Idk what that dumbass up there is talking about, but your songs are amazing! Also Part 2 of HOGAB was better than Part 1. Loved every song on the track! @wearestonesour
  • adrianjsonWoah a man can't have his own opinion these days jeez. What I said were my words and mine alone. Just a opinion not a fact. Get over yourselves. @matty_driscoll thanks man. That actually gave me a better idea of what it's supposed to sound like.
  • adrianjson@ryandc2007 didn't need to say any of that man. It was just a matter of opinion not fact. My word doesn't mean everything and you talking down on me like that doesn't make you a bigger stone sour fan. Chill
  • connorfraser515@_fuego_negro_ agreed, they did that with a rumor of skin and do me a favour as well
  • helzabethGuys...everyone is entitled to an opinion! Calm the hell down, no need to give someone abuse for it! Back to the pictures though, I'm getting giddier day by day!!! Also any update on when the rest of the Dead Generation stuff is due? @wearestonesour
  • adrianjson@h_woody4 your opinion man. Hope the name calling made you feel better.
  • jake_catricalaEagle face= MURICA!
  • connorfraser515what he is saying is he doesn't like the fact that stone sour mixed those songs together regardless if it was their intention or not
  • drawhkAnimated music video?
  • acelio013Sadist?
  • notquitebeautiful@_fuego_negro_ , nice. Imma use that..
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