This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?
  • bethennyfrankelThis is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?

  • marina8893I don't mind the shape of her body, she is happy then let it be. But the pic is not to pleasant, she looks beaten and exhausted that is making her fall off. But she is a hard working mom and of course with a career she has I don't blame her to be tired. I can't say she looks cute on the daughters clothes cause it just doesn't suits her.
  • scarlettphyreI think you are beautiful. I too am very thin & have issues keeping weight on. Like as soon as I am stressed I lose weight, unlike most people. I am always right on the line of 'healthy weight'. I lose a pound and I am underweight. I always hear that it must be so nice. It's not. People are so unaware of the health issues that come with being naturally skinny. There are many, they are just not talked about like issues with being overweight are.
  • kkborbonHa! 👍 cool
  • crod210210I love thee picc
  • mashamir93@ascrilla91 yeah she's me
  • sherrygraves22You're perfect. It's cute. Let the haters hate!!
  • diana_flower_blevinsMy daughter and I wear the same sizes! She can fit in jeans that are loose on me!! @bethennyfrankel #yourbeautiful #donthateit #causeyouaintit #haters
  • vean0501I don't understand people I follow people on Instagram because I am a fan of theirs not so I can see what they're posting just so I can insert my negative two cents..These same people probably criticize celebritys or people in the world who are overweight or gain a lot of weight, who are they to judge? Everytime I see something negative posted under a picture a celebrity posts I can't help but think WOW so many ignorant people in this world who clearly have no lives..I think this picture is cute and funny, I'd kill to rock her body! To all the people who have told her she was too skinny judged her or made assumptions I hope she laughs all the way to the bank because look at the brand the business and everything she has created for her and her daughter with SKINNY GIRL and it wouldn't be as successful if there wasn't so many women out there trying to be "Skinny Girls"
  • vean0501and while your busy commenting on her pictures because you have no life she is probably getting paid to comment, like, mention, and send shout outs to other people and brands clearly she is winning!
  • wussupwititbThat's So Cute
  • kristihardman33Hehee!!!! You're so darn cute! Your daughter is so lucky to have such a fun, loving mommy!
  • hanchambers@jillianbrett you as a mom
  • pdrobin41When doesa court start telling you what to wear,they need to do their job end this divorce and stop letting Jason live off you for revenge.
  • singleredroseYou resemble my daughter pearl aka Pearldizzle aka pearllow lol! @bethennyfrankel
  • mshoney3339I love it
  • kris.villagomez@ayyimdee
  • pinckneybernardSexy oooooo sexy!
  • ragingnarcissist@yip.michaela me as a mother
  • bethxny.xoI relate to you on so many levels, & we have the same name. I love you girl!
  • shabb3rwhat size is that shirt??
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