Fuckin ell mate .
  • wiley__Fuckin ell mate .

  • gun_fingersMeans nothing. Everyone has to start somewhere. I listened to Jay Z before i listened to Big Daddy Kane.
  • gun_fingersShe doesn't understand what influential means.
  • tremissionAmericans kill me I don't think she understands what the worst influential means
  • tremissionAmericans kill me I don't think she understands what the word influential means lol
  • chiefchasi😂😂😂😂
  • chiefchasiShe's stupid because I wouldn't say lil Wayne is influential because I know drake from but I would say Dr Dre is influential because he's smart business man & he brought out Em, 50 & Kendrick....
  • merki_watersLeave it out yeah
  • msmalusI'm American. I learned about Grime from a feature @dizzeerascal did with the @basement_jaxx. I went on to find about you @skeptagram, @tempa_t, JME, and many more. In fact, you're the reason I know about Ed Sheeran. I think that people need to expand their horizons. I listen to all types of music. Listening to different genres opens you up to different sounds and artists. Please don't think that imbecile represents all of America. Not all of us have our heads stuck up ours asses. @wiley__
  • tyronephillips123Get the fuck out of ere
  • youngzdarksidegodDat girl is stupid don't watch wat she sayin @wiley__
  • mleehearronWhy y'all being so mean and hateful? Seriously?! You should be happy that I know artists from the UK. Why would Americans magically know about UK grime? It doesn't get played on American radio. I've learned about so many artists b/c of @teddysphotos. I only started listening to Ed last week of November of 2013. What you hot about? The 1xtra list was called "Power" list. They didn't call it Black and Urban music. AND the damn award is tiny as hell. It's not a Grammy or a Brit award. What is the root of the issue? I'm not the issue. Is the UK music industry not doing enough for Black artists in the UK? Is this a race issue? I thought genres in music were crossing, and people were happy about that?
  • mob_ghiprun everyone else ITS ALL CAME FROM WILEY! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
  • lauraspeckJust looking at this makes me laugh how no one wants to praise ed on his talent instead they hate on the fact that @wiley__ isn't at the top of someone's list somewhere, music will never be about genuine talent anymore it's all about statistics and sales! Bring back the likes of bob Marley, yano musicians in it for the music! Real passion has died.
  • junior_ceeFuk em bro.... Real recognise real! @wiley__ 👊. Holla when ya round my bits.
  • chakabars@wiley__ lol
  • graciouskisay😂😂😂😂
  • wiley__@junior_cee dun know fam
  • jaredklomoWhat a doughnut 😂😂😂
  • af1_akEd sheeran was born in 1991 and you've been killing it since 1 double 9 4 brother!
  • tags.on.tourThats the MAINSTREAM media for ya.
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