Fingerknitting session. Kids are making scarves for their toys!
  • redtedartFingerknitting session. Kids are making scarves for their toys!

  • ebuhrHow old would you recommend for starting this?
  • redtedart@ebuhr we first had a go last Summer when they were 5 and a bit and almost 4. Then we had another go 4-5months later and they suddenly got it... So earliest prob 3-4yrs? How old are yours @ebuhr ?
  • redtedart(Mine are 4 and 6 now..)
  • juliecreeksidelearningLove the concentration!
  • debbie_clementAwesomesauce
  • ebuhrMine are 3. I think they'd be ready in another year. Fine motor skills aren't quite there yet.
  • lubytheseaMine thoroughly enjoyed finger knitting but now have moved on to circular loom knitting making beanies and snoods for winter
  • redtedartYou mean like the knitting nacy/ french knitting @lubythesea ?
  • lubytheseaHave sent you a pic direct @redtedart 😊
  • redtedartWhere do I look for that @lubythesea being #dim !
  • lubythesea@redtedart I found mine at our local habby/fabric shop.
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