The GOLDFRAPP #mattandnat #vegan #paprika #veganbags #Spring15 #hotsummercolour
  • matt_and_natThe GOLDFRAPP #mattandnat #vegan #paprika #veganbags #Spring15 #hotsummercolour

  • rllknglckHey so I emailed you guys about a tracking number and link for my order like 3 times and I still haven't received anything, what's up?
  • theveganbunnyI love it!!!😍
  • matt_and_nat@rllknglck very sorry about this situation. Please email, I will let them know they should be expecting your message. In the meantime, can you please give me your order number, we will look into it. Thank you!
  • kofrank75Hi, I emailed you about my order as well and I still haven't received an update. I too ordered both a wallet and a handbag and I only received the wallet..please assist.
  • matt_and_nat@harvestmoonrising & @kofrank75 , kindly email with your quiery, they will be able to help you both! Please make sure to include your order numbers in the emails. Thank you very much!
  • lorraineh2oYour bags are great, vegan but I ordered mine on Nov 26th and still no bag. I'm disappointed in how long it takes to ship. Customer service is terrible!!
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