Scranton, PA #warpedtour
  • omandmScranton, PA #warpedtour

  • dandelionnecklaceIt honestly wasnt worth seeing them yesterday .-. (but bless the fine soul who helped me get the fuck out of there so I could breathe)
  • beccajhartley@stannnnnx_ EXACTLY! I was there and it was my birthday. I was sad they didn't play a full set but we got two songs! That's out of the bands control
  • beccajhartley@anti.kid Yeah thank you! But it's fine I know it was out of the bands control!
  • daisybearsswhy did u only play one song yesterday? :c
  • daisybearssyou were still great though :)
  • jade_isabelle_skolnik@jessie_saurus she apologized. Leave her alone please
  • morgansyko@jessie_saurus you'd be pretty pissed too if you waited around for 40 minutes and you're about to be late for another show, and then they come on and play just two songs and austin says "sorry for being late. i guess thats it" and walks off the stage with no explanation.
  • victoriad25They can't help it if they have technical difficulties. They were trying their best. I was there too. Sure I was upset who wouldn't be. They were still great though! Their humans you shouldn't throw stuff and chant mean and sarcastic things. I mean it was better than standing there and ending up not seeing anything at all.
  • handeschampi see myself
  • river_burns@victoriad25 the two songs they played they totally fucking rocked and they were truly sorry and they seemed pretty pissed they couldn't play their full set either they tried and I thought the two songs were defiantly fucking amazing
  • victoriad25@river_burns I know me too. I personal had a great time and it was worth waiting for even if it was just two songs. They rocked
  • insanehoesI LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH
  • corifinkler@antoniasomlai I KNOWWWWWW
  • annikadtdI'm going August 3rd!!!!!
  • battery.acid@sarahabbasbr0
  • ____zodiacQts
  • sarahabbasbro@r2me2_v2 yep I'm somewhere in that crowd 😁👌
  • c8lin5We went to #scranton warped tour too! Crazy hot/crowded like usual! @ least it didnt pour like 2 yrs
  • zdubbbsIm somewhere in there 👌👌
  • lydiaieroI MOSS BEING THERE
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