browsing wood lookalike porcelain tile for our floors - crushing on these @Daltile Forest Park samples !
  • centsationalgirlbrowsing wood lookalike porcelain tile for our floors - crushing on these @Daltile Forest Park samples !

  • simplyorganizedSo cool!!
  • odietrev510@omar2guy
  • itsmecherylannI have this tile in my entryway and I LOVE it!!!! Best thing, ever.
  • centsationalgirlthanks for the farm chicks info@clickinmom42 I'll check it out!
  • fabeverydayblogPretty?
  • fabeverydayblogThat should have been a ! Not a ?
  • classicstylehomeI have it throughout my entire first floor and love it! Between kids, a dog and the pool it has been the best decision.
  • re.engineered@marcierainmaker : I love the look of it, but it is quite hard & cold underfoot. We live in Iowa, so I wouldn't want it in my entire house because I think it would just be too cold in the winter. If you live in a warmer climate, or put radiant heat underneath, then I think it would be better. ☺️ I love the bamboo we have in the rest of our house.
  • yarngeekThose are amazing wood lookalikes! We had a burst pipe in our basement, which had cheap laminate floors; I want the look of wood, but this would be the look without the impracticality of trying to install hardwoods on an on-grade concrete slab walk-out!
  • marcierainmaker@re_engineered Thank you! I live in TN and my wood floors aren't so durable. Wood tiles is an attractive choice for my next house but will keep what you said in mind!
  • re.engineeredNo problem @marcierainmaker !
  • abbylanesI have seen them installed. They look great and are apparently not slippery when wet.
  • ann_koehlerI used Florida Tile in Charleston Brown in both of our bathrooms and I absolutely love it!
  • amyfitchickJust did the most beautiful porcelain tile wood grain shower! Go for it!
  • centsationalgirl@re_engineered great point! these would be for the Nevada house and it's the desert so no radiant heat necessary. My parents have lived there for 4 years and they think tile is great for that climate and the wood lookalike products are so nice these days.
  • the_rampaige@gusbergs
  • southcypressAt @SouthCypress, these wood tiles are some of our most popular items. You can request samples and order from our website if interested!
  • makerandmeadowSO GOOD!
  • toya___archibaldddI am thinking of using these--we have had flooding toilets, washing machines and refrigerators through the years and I am tired of replacing floors!
  • m_redmonCan you put these next to hard wood floors?
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