#OnMyMind ...just some notes
  • elisabethhasselbeck#OnMyMind ...just some notes

  • ahenne1@elisabethhasselbeck you never cease to amaze me with your stupidity and hate filled vitriol! Continue making fodder for dumb blonde jokes! Idiot!
  • rochester_foreverElisabeth, Rosie will be a great co-host on the view! She has so much talent. You need to let it go!
  • mebuck@elisabethhasselbeck keep the faith!
  • five_billRosie should go live in Iraq, she's so concerned over the rights of terrorists.
  • five_billI admire Elisabeth for always defending her views n beliefs.
  • angelamcdaneld@inthesegenes It seems you, as well, are more interested in spreading hate than constructive observations or opinions. What does this dialogue gain by you telling Elisabeth to "go to hell."
  • inthesegenes@angelamcdaneld it's called irony, sweetie. She claims to be Christian but doesn't walk the walk. That's my contribution to this ridiculous dialogue. You can disagree on my approach, though. I don't care. xo
  • angelamcdaneld@inthesegenes I neither agree nor disagree. It just amuses me that you use the same methods of discourse you are speaking out against.
  • megguspeeMuslims and Arabs aren't the problem. You, you the celebrity, spreading this crap and knowing people listen...YOU are the problem. Find compassion. It's what Jesus asks.
  • redwoodpicsGrow up Elisabeth.
  • sluggermelI always loved you on The View and the show lost its luster since you left. I so admire that you always stood your ground, especially with Rosie's words. It wasn't your place to defend her words, but naturally it still got twisted to make you look bad. Keep up the great work and always know you have an admirer in me! 😊
  • tamivickeryElizabeth, please seek to really understand what rosie was saying. What if a country killed that many of our citizens? I think you are smart enough to see this is an issue and wht she actually meant. If we as Americans do kit hold ourselves to a higher standard then we will eventually be driven to failure by our own sword of self righteousness.
  • tamivickeryOh and by the way - analysis, true analysis is a proven scientific method driven by facts and backed up by observation. Facts! Considering you work on the most fact bending network ever I'm afraid that your analysis may be suspect?!
  • vic4ransomHave loved you since Survivor; we watch you (and the boys) everyday on Fox and Friends. Yeah Elisabeth and FoxNews!
  • janiselliottI hate to be a downer, but your opinion really isn't needed on Rosie's return. You have no business stirring up anything when you have nothing to do with the situation. You only want to remain relevant. Rosie was asked back to the view, you were not. Get over it and grow up. #butthurt
  • cindyhollinsgilroyDoesn't it make you want to rethink your positions on politics, world news, etc. People, including myself, think you are an idiot and a sell-out!! Try to educate yourself! You just sound so totally STUPID when you talk!!!!! You help to give Faux News a horrible reputation!!!!!!!
  • forella45Very petty small person
  • carolines_up"Provided my analysis"? Are you being audited on your thought expenditure, Ms. Hasselbot?
  • spierson1963Wahwahwahwah
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