• haydenjamiesonWe have been taking ourselves really seriously on this trip; I definitely feel like we could beat Lance Armstrong with the pace we've been setting. JK. We actually don't care about much at all. We unwillingly slept on the side of the highway last night, I ate close to a gallon of ice cream today, and loitered in a McDonald's for well over an hour. Oh and by the way, we made it to California! Home-free not home-less, right?

  • scottchanningGreat shot HJ
  • peppermintriple👏✌🙏
  • bikeslcOmg that caption. You guys are the best!
  • teleriderI'll be backpacking in your neck of the woods this weekend. I'll be sure to show your homeland some love.
  • gl0be.trotNot sure if you ever Couch Surf, but if you need a spot to crash in Arcata, look/hit me up! I kinda realize you're a professional something. I'm just a host with spare couches and a roof haha
  • jess_stayinmotionI love your caption! Amazing! Can't wait for my roadtrip @haydenjamieson
  • haydenjamieson@xanderrr13 we actually are looking for a place to stay around there! Is there any way you could host 4 of us? We will cook you dinner!
  • gl0be.trotI have two couches, a carpet floor and an extra bed since the roommate is out of town for summer. If that's cool with you guys then hell yeah I could host you! Would this be tomorrow ?
  • haydenjamiesonIt looks like we should be there in 2 days... That would be perfect though!
  • bmill4029Amazing!
  • jah_rell_Favorite summary of your life I've ever heard. "A proffesional something"
  • makmotamedi@archireword
  • alirezamohseni_@mamalykm injuri zendegi kardan erade mikhad:)
  • saturdaycyclesHells yeah Hayden!!!! Look forward to hearing about your adventures.
  • haydenjamieson#westminsterslc
  • ebrahimalnaham👌
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