Being a crunch dad today spending all day with the boys. #ineedanap Lincoln won't switch places tho? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • javim9Being a crunch dad today spending all day with the boys. #ineedanap Lincoln won't switch places tho? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • zoeandsharna@javim9 is a great step dad. If Isaac wants to call him dad then what's the big deal? Jo is always going to be there for him as his real dad. It's nice to have such a loving relationship between them. The Vee situation is different, I agree but the Jo and Javi thing, some people must have been brought up very sheltered. Most kids these days have step parents because of society making relationships breakdown. Isaac is one of the lucky kids for his mother @kaillowry to have found a 'man' to step in while Isaac isn't at Jo's. So many step parents abuse their step kids it's nice to see some love. Grow up people.. This is not your life
  • amy_schwartz@sav_wz Joe moved first. And @javim9 does not make him call him dad, he just does sometimes. So what. Nowhere on here did Javi bash Jo or do anything wrong. And as for him saying "dad day", he is Lincoln's dad and Lincoln is in the picture.
  • hugsginaI agree with you @sav_wz he has a dad already. I believe Kailyn should have taught Isaac to call him Javi from the very beginning.
  • jpuppy12333Javi you are such a good dad to both boys
  • proud_momma_2You guys are all so wrong! Nothing wrong with him calling Javi dad. It takes a real man to be a father anyway and Javi has earned that title. Isaac will always know who his real dad is and I'm sure Jo is thankful to Javi for being such a great man in his life...
  • jpuppy12333Yes you are right javi is Lincoln's dad and he still spends time with both boys if jo doesn't like that he is ungrateful javi your wonderful
  • tifffanyyy_7Are you active military or reserve
  • xbeautifully_flawedxo@amycoen stfu bitch mind ur own bussines
  • alishastouderWhat an awful thing to say. I understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there is definitely a line between expressing it and going out of your way to harm others. Kail goes out of her way to uplift and support others. What does that make you? @amycoen
  • dbowcuttt@amycoen you're a grown lady commenting shit on his and his wife's pictures that are so irrelevant, act your age..
  • allysunboisvert@amycoen and YOU are just a fucking bitch
  • amy_zaccagnino@allysunboisvert you are to 😜
  • iggy_azalea523Isaac looks like javi
  • breannamariegallowayDude your sexy asf.
  • valkamyIssac is the sweetest boy ever!
  • gabbymcm@brianna_r5
  • hermosa562Ur so handsome😍
  • yvonne_hope_70Awe. I LOVE u guys on Teen Mom I LOVE ur wife SHE'S an AMAZING. Mom
  • j_bornmaverick@javim9 I can't say enough nice things about YOU and the man you are. Kale is an amazing woman too. And your boys are to die for.
  • _rachel_becker_@emmaclairebecker
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