This Friday is the annual cherry sale at Whole Foods Market! Very exciting!
  • foodinjarsThis Friday is the annual cherry sale at Whole Foods Market! Very exciting!

  • mishamonetOh man! That's an amazing price. Our Whole Foods in Cali has "grown in Washington" cherries on sale for 4.99/lb, regularly 7.99. 😳
  • lindseyfergz@tomauratoday @be_merrier
  • carpecakemI just bought them for twice that price yesterday. Will definitely get some more!
  • janell_flowerforestHope this holds true at the WA Whole Foods Markets!
  • icecreamisvegetarianI wonder if it's here too @lzfranze
  • sweetvictoryllcNothing against Whole Foods, but if anyone is near a Sprouts store, they also had a similar price all week.
  • foodinjars@sweetvictoryllc that is awesome that Sprouts has them for a similar price! Here in Philly, outside of the WFM sale, they are rarely found for less than $3-4 a pound. So this becomes a fantastic deal for me, but I understand that it's not for everyone. :)
  • savoringtraditionsI need to check online if it's all WF. Cherries are my favorite!
  • nel_eatsNot on sale in SF
  • sweetvictoryllc@foodinjars here too, they are usually around the $3-$4 mark per pound. I just got the Sprouts ad in the mail with a similar price this week.
  • foodinjars@nel_eats interesting. I got a notice from the WFM people that it was nationwide.
  • nel_eatsOooh I went today and the sign says sale is in Friday!!!!
  • knitnikThanks for the tip! I just picked up an 18lb case for $17.82 (advertised on the back of the sale sign in the store). Looks like I'm going to have a busy weekend!
  • christiebentsFunny. Just happened to go to WF tonight and saw the sale! Bought 10 pounds! Totally making your cherry butter this weekend.
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