Last few hours in Bangkok 😔 about to go drink my emotions in bubble tea.
  • ohnoradeoLast few hours in Bangkok 😔 about to go drink my emotions in bubble tea.

  • notryaanI won't be in Korea or japan again for a few months, so you can take your time getting there 😜
  • dst567Drink one for me @ohnoradeo
  • nherdmannI'm super jealous. You're only about twenty minutes away from one if my best friends
  • kieranichibanGet your feet cleaned by little fish while youre there
  • isaaclkovalWhen do you head back to Portland?
  • pbgookenWhy are you drinking your emotions?
  • moyemaI want to be with you 😭
  • lolapollliNooo why did you delete that post it was awesome 😭
  • ohnoradeo@isaaclkoval October at the latest!
  • isaaclkovalWe will have to meet up once you get back!
  • ohnoradeo@isaaclkoval absolutely! Epic PNW adventures ahead
  • xcampxionxI'm in phi phi right now Thailand is amazing x
  • fithrixfadzilHey @ohnoradeo come down to malaysiaaa
  • pixelsuicideAhhh noooooo! This is how I felt when we left Joburg. 😭
  • katie_nightI miss Thailand so much :/ glad you had a good time there!
  • ohnoradeo@katie_night where are you now and will you be at hell city Phoenix!?!?
  • katie_night@ohnoradeo I'm in malta! I really want to go to hell city but I don't think I can afford it after this trip :/ makes me so sad....
  • angelinepricewoodDid you go with a tour group?
  • dinoirawanCome to borneo
  • marsupialbatYou are so amazing. It's so dope that you have traveled to all these beautiful and awesome places. It always makes my day to go on my Instagram and see one if the photos you've taken on here. Thank you
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