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  • ericapinkettWorry about your life and I'll worry about mine! Stop telling me I'm too good for this one! I already knew that! I'm a fuckin entertainer! I entertain! I love the life of TV and film because you have writers and producers who get together and make you (the viewer) believe anything they want because you are aren't an independent thinker! I made several mistakes in my life! But being on tv isn't one of them! Now people know who I am! It is now up to me to do something great with that kind of attention! I love falling down because it makes me appreciate getting up! Every day my mentions are full of "viewers" who really believe a girl like me would be chasing anyone! And they really believe the illusions of a square television πŸ˜‚ but to each is own just don't knock me for getting a check to feed my child please! I used to pray that GOD put me in position to positively affect millions of young people! Now millions of young people know my name and my face but not my REAL story! I won't let you guys down I promise! And if I make mistakes please allow me to make them because I'm smart enough to learn from them! I just want to be MEπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  • ya_girl_b_@peachyy_keen_ love this. So real though
  • bobby161987Mrs.EP I love you boo
  • peachyy_keen@ya_girl_b__ that's my girl, and that's me right now!
  • yazminsoulTell it sista #PREACH!
  • its_l.i.y.a.hπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
  • sylvestervalerieLuv it sista your on the money
  • a3presidentialI feel that
  • ravellethomas@shawnakayaprilwalker so lhatl is fake ?
  • spg_201πŸ™Œ
  • gina_somethin_somethinYou're an amazing entertainer and don't let anyone stop your grind, growth and gain. I wish you all the best and its kinda cool to say that I knew you way back in the TE days lol. Good luck with your future and you have a beautiful daughter, God bless :)
  • kim_cali4life@twinangels522 @itscrystald @mama_laika
  • seandoe_plui knew that shit was b.s.
  • ooh_sofly@ronke_thegreat
  • ooh_sofly@k_trini
  • ronke_thegreatI love her :)
  • her_studio@iamcari_rene
  • her_studioOmg @ericapinkett that was everything.. "The viewers" lol ignore them.. They make you lots of money but they are still ignorant.. Live your life girl .. YOLO
  • glam.kenz@princessle._
  • junkfit@424_poe
  • tinymami88Amen knowledge is beauty
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