Catching up with this little peanut #family
  • nickviallCatching up with this little peanut #family

  • rozzy_t☺️cute
  • jenhimesI adore her! Looking out for her big brother's heart shows what a kind, sweet, intelligent, charming and empathetic person she really is. She's the perfect example of an "old soul"! Guess it runs in the family! Cherish your bond always.
  • sahara_karana@patriciakarana_ awwww
  • martricecarterI want to marry him @sidney_brielle
  • sidney_brielle@triceerenee I bet you do
  • shelbelll@kassiefears 😳oh my god.
  • heatherjacksmomLove
  • kalinmeikleNice shirt, nick!
  • amyabdnor@maurriceplz
  • amyabdnor@l_pickle
  • mizzbee40On serious note andi is so stupid lol she is and cold I bet she was intimate with both of you guys who does that your on a show where you suppose to find your husband not sleep with the whole cast you need to thank god he lead you out to find better sweetie dont chase after her she doesnt worth your love when I saw you was chasing after her I was like what is he doing bit then again I know how you feel I been there but trust me dont write that chick or chase after her she doesn't deserve your love when she came in your room this mf had the heart to play she was crying no tears god has better for you you'll make a wonderful husband and very loving father come take a vacation in the Caribbean grenada relax your mind .I really hope you read this
  • mizzbee40And one more thing I love your little sister I always wanted one
  • morganmoses_your so sweet, and loving to everyone. ily andi should've picked you but now better things will be waiting for you. just let that go by and you will find a wife perfect for you❤️
  • angelhaynes_12So sweet! @nick_viall28
  • duece1180This is the best pic!
  • dashashuliakWhy is he soooo hottt????!! @_allachka_
  • _allachka_😋😋
  • _allachka_@dashashuliak
  • beccadeakin@obliviacell I'm sobbing
  • jessnwalkerThe relationship you seem to have with your family is priceless. I love seeing these pictures of you being the big brother. Super sweet. @nick_viall28
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