More dev camp arrivals! Prospects Malcolm Subban & Matt Benning touch down in Boston. #NHLBruins
  • nhlbruinsMore dev camp arrivals! Prospects Malcolm Subban & Matt Benning touch down in Boston. #NHLBruins

  • bigberardiOh I'm sorry your captain is the biggest pussy in the NHL and bitches like no tommorow but that's none of my bussniess @kylekrajick
  • bigberardiOh ya btw not everyone did only a selected idiotic few now YOU sound like the rasist on for stereo typing a whole fanbase for a few bad apples jackass
  • bigberardi@kylekrajick
  • johnmccarey@kylekrajick is just mad because the bruins swept the penguins like in the playoffs 2013.
  • kylekrajick@bigberardi @johnmccarey what happened to I guys against the flyers again? Up 3-0 and lost the series 4-3 lmao that's way worse. And best player on the planet? Ya
  • kylekrajickHow does 17.5 seconds sound? Like a team of choke artists hahahahahahahahahahahah. The bruins are too generous handing over the cup like that
  • bigberardiHahahaha you lost to the New York rangers and you call us choke artists btw your godsend captain douchbag Crosby can't do shit in the playoffs so stfu @kylekrajick
  • bigberardiOh ya btw we raped you and pulled of a stunt and a half against the leafs back in 2013 @kylekrajick
  • johnmccarey@kylekrajick Just get over the fact that your team isn't as good. You could bring up 100 things that each team has done wrong so your point makes no sense. Maybe if Matt Cooke didn't make the cheapest hit in the history of Hockey and end Savards career then we would have fucked you up even harder.
  • kylekrajick@johnmccarey Crosby took the same exact hit savard did during the winter classic and he didn't have to retire because he's not a bitch! The bruins suck the only reason they got a cup was Thomas the team didn't even deserve it. Only their goalie did the bruins fuckin blow
  • johnmccarey@kylekrajick Wow that took you a really long time. And false. The bruins out scores the Canucks by 15 goals in the Stanley cup and 13 more than the flyers in the second round. So if scoring 28 more goals then the teams they faced in the play offs and cup isn't enough, I don't know what is. And just because Crosby is one of the best in the league doesn't mean he has to be a pussy about the game
  • kylekrajick@johnmccarey well honestly Instagram isn't my life like it clearly is for you. Just by looking at your pictures I can tell your ugly ass sucked at hockey lol. Cute stats too man you're a champion obviously. And I can name about 30 players that have bigger vaginas than Crosby and even without him malkin is 2x better than any bruin ever was so you have no argument
  • johnmccarey@kylekrajick K man hahaha. Just lost all respect for anything you say. You're clearly just the coolest guy ever. Maybe some day I can be as cool as you
  • johnmccarey@kylekrajick Stalking people's pages is real creepy...yikes
  • kylekrajick@johnmccarey I never respected anything u ever said because you're a peasant. U have no response because I'm right you suck at hockey you know nothing about hockey and you're a typical bruins fan. 75% of bruins fans couldn't even tell you what icing or offsides is. U wanna argue it? I live in New England and see it every day
  • johnmccareyIt must be so hard being an ass hole. Is it hard to make friends? @kylekrajick
  • johnmccarey@kylekrajick and you seem to know a lot about how everything is. I'm so proud of you. You keep thinking everything is the way you want it to be and maybe some day you'll grow up. I'm wasting my time with this because you probably don't even know how to read.
  • bkallis22@abbybenning
  • ryan_hazzyUr a fag @kylekrajick
  • jteebs11@kylekrajick stfu
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