10lbs in 2 weeks. Detox lunch #healthy grilled salmon and raw spinach salad.
  • thekenyamoore10lbs in 2 weeks. Detox lunch #healthy grilled salmon and raw spinach salad.

  • unbelievably_blessed@thekenyamoore beautiful youth author Parahdyce Aziz check her out on FB
  • biscuitsngravy59@boss.girl1 lmao
  • coco_e_phoenixGosh, that looks good!
  • hazeleyesxxx👈Contact me for amazing 💦ALOE VERA💦 products #beauty #vitamins #SkinCare #drinks&shakes #PersonalCare
  • pastry_itishttps://fundly.com/m2/pastry_itis
  • midwest_baddieLooks gooddddd beautiful
  • time_n2_moneyYep
  • deityvainKenya post more pics....its inspiring and you know i'll do whatever you are sayinf. i looooove you. Im a fellow chocolate barbie doll here in detroit and hope to stay beautiful forever like you. @thekenyamoore
  • christie_loves_steve@boss.girl1 preach it!! and @mzdiamondtee... girl where have you been? Haven't you watched the reunion, news, blogs... apollo is a douchbag and another fake it till u make it idiot from atl. I love living down here, but there are too many ppl not being themselves and it gets quite annoying.
  • kkwinn1963Love Ms Kenya!!! Phaedra i cant stand, Your righ Karma a bitch for Ms Parks....
  • deedeebrowncoIt look so good
  • chefshimmyYes Kenya eat healthy. To kick there ass.
  • msmichellescott@thekenyamoore what is the detox? I could sure use it😳... #technician #313allday
  • optimalbeautyI need the info on the detox PLEASE!!!! 🙏🙏🙏
  • optimalbeauty@jchesser77 do u KNW what detox she Talkin about
  • dreamer877@optimalbeauty I don't believe in detox cleanses or any of that stuff why because the body does it naturally when you sweat and use the bathroom .. I study nutrition and people really need to weigh their food and eat the correct amount of carbs fats and protein .. I don't do any kind of fad diets you will set your body's metabolism up to fail if u are not eating enough food
  • dreamer877@optimalbeauty I do workout 5 days a week I run 5-6 miles on Sunday I need to eat I order to build muscle & have endurance to train
  • grubbyhead@jchesser77 thanks for the info..I recently gained a lot of weight, thanks to prednisone. . I am now back in the gym and trying very hard. I am struggling with what to eat since I was recently diagnosed with celiac. Any leads/advice would be great. Thanks
  • dreamer877@grubbyhead I don't know what prednisone is .. As far a celiac goes all I know about that is you can't consume gluten .. I really suggest you hire a personal trainer .. Find someone who is qualified to write a meal plan that promotes fat burn and endurance to train .. If you don't want to pay you need to track everything food and workouts .. That's the only way you will know why you are not losing weight .. People on Instagram and Facebook leads people to believe it's easy when the truth is it's not .. Detoxing is not fat loss it's water weight which returns as soon as you go back to adding those carbs in . I don't do .. People need to stop getting there weight loss tips from celebrities and go to the people who train and educate themselves on this stuff .. Celebs need to be celebs and let the trainers do their thing .. We don't know what other things the rich celebs are doing to look good that included performance enhancing drugs steroids etc..
  • grubbyhead@jchesser77 thanks for the help. I hired a trainer this past week and he seems to know what's he's doing. Prednisone is a steroid . used to treat autoimmune diseases among other things. Once again, thanks.
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