Spot the difference! Being silly on set at QVC... LGHQ x
  • lulu_guinnessSpot the difference! Being silly on set at QVC... LGHQ x

  • djkevinzLooking like plastic bag
  • emiprichardSo cute!
  • gelliott0709Tres chic
  • fifijdI bought this and the black dye from the lining rubs off! Still waiting to be refunded or even listened to by @lulu_guinness Poor quality and poor customer service! Buyer beware. Spread the message!
  • lulu_guinnessHi @fifijd, we're sorry to hear you're unhappy. Please contact our customer care team - LGHQ
  • vicstergdogI have three lulu Guinness bags and the quality is outstanding.
  • queenbmckLove my Lulu Guinness bags! Each one is a memory & treat to wear! I love this pic! :)
  • christinamary62I have 6 lulu bags & love them all... & I'll be back for more ....oh & also have sunglasses :-).
  • fifijd@lulu_guinness I already have months ago. Please check the messages sent via your website. You are selling a faulty batch of Amelia bags yet ignore people when they complain. Your Facebook page is full of complaints! I'm contacting trading standards. Enough is enough.
  • fifijd@vicstergdog the problems begin if you need to contact their customer services. If you get a fault on your bag try contacting them and then you'll realise...
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