Back in Cali for another day on the FF7 grind... Hope we do justice to the legacy
  • mrodofficialBack in Cali for another day on the FF7 grind... Hope we do justice to the legacy

  • cdabesttGuys.. Seriously don't be too harsh on her.... It's her own business and privacy.
  • cdabesttMaybe things just don't work out the way you all wanted to be.... Tbh we can't do anything about it.
  • teresa_xoxoxoxYou know what I am happy you and Zac are going out. I mean he's my idol and I don't know him personally but I want to see the guy I look up too be happy. I hope you're happy too you should be. You're very lucky to have him. You're a bit older so take care of him!! 😘🙏
  • mrsketchbookRace Wars!!
  • nuruzzaman.sumonAwesome
  • urracafittenDo you know why Devon didn't' stick with FF?
  • bbuonocoreMROD 8==D
  • callison34Thank you for allowing so many of your fans who were extras to have to a wonderful experience meeting and talking to you. This will never be forgotten. At least I know for my daughter you are going to be amazing forever. Thanks and God bless you @mrodofficial
  • schayennemIt was really nice seeing you on set Michelle!!!! Even though I didn't see you personally, I saw you yesterday and today, and you smiled and waved to the extras. I was happy. Hope to see you soon Michelle and thank you for coming to the Antelope Valley/Rosamond area 😊
  • vivelasuaveI know you might not read this, but thanks for coming out here and treating your extras (myself included) with respect. One Love <3 @mrodofficial
  • itsvivibHows zac? @mrodofficial
  • antonellafranco@viiiviiienne callate imbecil
  • antonellafrancoPuta
  • antonellafrancoPedofila
  • antonellafrancoFea
  • itsvivib@antonellafranco what do you care about me?
  • ___ldh@antonellafranco O b ,h&m,yllm l. LL l mall. On ll link. Kkwk kkwk kink kkwk knknbk j. Jk bby BJ j Jim JKBJj koi
  • glendy45''As long as there's love, Age doesn't matter'' I am really happy for you. You and Zac Efron look great together! God bless!
  • alicajamesNo doubt you all will... Have faith!
  • ayti83Awesome
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