Welcome to City, Willy Caballero! #welcomewilly #mcfc
  • mancityWelcome to City, Willy Caballero! #welcomewilly #mcfc

  • thetrolllingaccount@tylerbouzianis
  • jaygill8@fxckdave__ have you seen joe hart last season? Did you saw him in the World Cup ? Have you even seen willy? You've no clue how better he's , Joe hart is a joke !Suarez was taking a shot from the corner's against him & the idiot couldn't even gathered the ball lol, most overrated goal keeper the world will ever see,that idiot conceded near post again & again ! To be honest the top 10 teams in epl are having better goal keepers than joe , I think so you should consult a physiatrist if you think joe is better willy ! Joe hart and his blunders and his stupid fans.
  • davehxdge@jaygill8 we'll see who's right in the new season👍 if willys better than joe then he'll start surely yeh? But he won't coz joe hart is better!
  • jaygill8@fxckdave__ sure bud we will see (: one more blunder from hart & he's out on the bench unless English media pressurize Pellegrini to such an extent that he's to bring him back ! Anyways we will,can't wait for the season to kick on !
  • davehxdge@jaygill8 Ino, hopefully demichelis, zaba and aguero come back with a World Cup medal👌👍
  • jaygill8@fxckdave__ it's gonna be very tough for Argentina but they're capable of doing it with two best players on the planet playing together(Leo Messi & Sergio Agüero in my opinion), they can win it if one of them shines ! Hope for an Argentina win but expect a German victory since they're heavy heavy favorites 🙈
  • davehxdge@jaygill8 yesyes, I'd love Argentina to win but I did get Germany on a sweepstake👌
  • chama.1Joe Hart the best !
  • niallbuckley6Aboi willy boi
  • bluemoon_cityzenGo go CABALLERO!! 👏👍👌✌💙💙
  • samu14malagaWilly eres el mejor en Malaga te añoramos @willycaba
  • nbkalhailHart is the Best!!!!
  • hserhan97@hassan_soufan
  • hassan_soufan😒😒@hserhan97
  • samandrews_@thefamoussingerjones
  • davehxdge@jaygill8 pellegrini chose hart #inhartwetrust
  • jaygill8@fxckdave__ oh come on bud ! New Castle didn't even had a shot on target lol & against Liverpool it's same , he barely had anything to deal with , except one or two easy saves ! It's just a start of the season , only time will tell if he gets back to normal or not (: I wish for no more blunders 🙈
  • davehxdge@jaygill8 fair enough but caballero had a chance to stand up in the charity shield and he got caught well off his line, and ended up conceding 3? Not saying they were all his fault tho☺️
  • jaygill8@fxckdave__ I know he didn't had a great game but did you saw the back 4 that day 🙈? For sure that was city's worse back 4😂
  • davehxdgeYup😂 boyata is shocking @jaygill8
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