Thanks @e_mobilecarwash for cleaning my truck for me!  Funny story about my truck. @todd167 got this truck as a surprise for me as a wedding gift because I always wanted a pick up truck. His plan was to give it to me the night of our wedding rehearsal but we got into an argument about the prenup so he left in the truck before I even got to see it! The whole bridal party knew about the surprise & they were shocked when he left with the truck. I didn't find out that he got me a truck until the rehearsal dinner when @camcambi told me.They didn't show that part on tv. He ended up giving it to me after the wedding. We were sitting there arguing about a prenup & I had a brand new ride waiting outside for me & didn't even know it.... Crazy right?! Anyway! My boy @frost117 helped me pick out the rims & added the lights & stuff. If you want good ideas on how to fix up your ride call him because he knows exactly what to do. Thank you! #ILoveMyTruck #ILoveMyHusband #BehindTheScenesDrama #KandisWedding #MyCrazyLife
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