Kermit called. he said he GOT me 🐸😬
  • thelilmoshowKermit called. he said he GOT me 🐸😬

  • kiyasosweet@guitarscratches nigguh go suck ya fathers dick and stfu the only one who is crying out for attention is your testicle licking ass..bung hole lover YOUR THIRSTY ATTENTION STARVED ASS IS ALL OVER @thelilmoshow with your hate and jealousy we horrid looking JUST LIKE YOUR HORRID LOOKING WHORE AS GRANNY.. I think it's more fair to say you are being abused you to iGNANT TO KNOW UR DUMB AS IS IGNORANT lil boy sucka dingaling better feel sorry fo yo self cuz WE GOOD AND HELP OURSELVES BOO NOW SUCK MY ASS UNTIL UR JAWS EXPLODE WITH SHIT
  • ablkgodyss@guitarscratches we so horrid lookn yet we are identical gorgeous pretty beautiful cute we get told this everyday and we know it u do too you dropped out???
  • ablkgodyss@guitarscratches don't assume we have been thru what you have loser yep it's two of us but one of you and u need serious mental help so lord help you we know he got us now you crawl back in ya boys ass
  • ablkgodyss@guitarscratches who gives a fuck if ur a prince fan???? Mo don't owe your ass shit you have left other negative comments and talk about u was respectful in ur request biggish who dafuq are you go suck a dick then die bitch u owe me a fuckn apology
  • callmegooch_Girl u need to stop @prttyblkgodyss
  • theofficialmaryellenYall is Over Just Move forward @thelilmoshow is Over Than So Am i Tomorrow is A New Day That Shit is Dead and Gone
  • tacreaciablunt@lov34lif3 scroll up and read @shalamooche_ response lol ✌️✌️✌️
  • ablkgodyssGirrrrrrrlah I could've said the same to you @callmegooch_
  • callmegooch_@prttyblkgodyss I dont look like a girl more than u look like a man.. now check that, you bum ass bitch
  • ablkgodyss@callmegooch_ first off you black ass chunky marshmellow it ain't my fault YOU look like a stud or a dom gay female actually I didn't know you were supposed to be a male until I checked your non singing ass videos on youtube you bum ass bitch boy further more you tried it when u said girl stop nobody was talkn to your fat obese ass looking like a fuqn gallon of dark chocolate milk. And you look no where near a man in ur pro pic get mad at yo self for putting up that questionable pic and even if I was to look like a man which I don't cuz ur seekn ass even said it urself girl stop so I'll look more manly than your bitch ass because you look like a big black ass orca now go lose some weight I'm surprise ur heart ain't bust when was typing now big that big ass ugly face up an ur yet channel suck that's why you gets no hits a hot ass mess!!!!!
  • callmegooch_Its APPARENT that your a MAD ass hating ass bitch. You go searching for me? #bum Yall know this bum ass bitch went and go searched for my photograph and posted on her tired ass ig? Bitch you need a life you strippin' ass bitch. And I bet you dont make no coins. Shape like a lil boy you ugly ass pathetic ass bitch. What the fuck you NEED is get a REAL job and stop livin off MY tax dollars. I know you recieve Food stamps, welfare, and wic. I bet them crackers DENIED the fuck out yo uneducated ass for section 8 though. You look like you can't talk yourself outta conversation with you stupid and dumb ass. Take yo hood collard green juice drinkin' ass the fuck on and stop harassing me on this lady page and on Instagram. Shouldn't you be sleep? I know you gotta clock in- im sorry WALK in the bar at 10 tonight. Silly ass goose.
  • callmegooch_@prttyblkgodyss
  • callmegooch_And bitch wtf does that name mean? It doesn't apply to you like AT ALL girl. You need to change it to @strippinassthot yess, thats more suitable @prttyblkgodyss
  • kiyasosweet@prttyblkgodyss you got him mad or Nah?
  • ablkgodyss@callmegooch_ you big fat jabba the hut lookn muthafuka you big elephant ass asked for it you free willy lookn muthafucka calm yo ass the fuck down cuz I know your ass out of breath you ugly biggie smalls lookn ass said something to me on this womans page!!! I look like I don't have a dimploma??? I guess assuming the way you type you don't! Sorry you bernie mac wanna be not on section 8 no kids and yes I have a 300 dollar pole in my house so my ass won't swell up like ur black ass biscuit ass yes I took your phugged up pic and blast ur ass on my tired ass ig page but you mad or nah??? Yep gotta man you do to huh LLS oh I'm stalkn you cuz you said something to me and I gave you what ur big rhino ass wanted and your outta breath ass can't handle it??? Trust if I was to strip I would make more coins than your funky ass lookn like your black ass sweat tar!
  • ablkgodyss@callmegooch_ its self explanatory but you need to change your name to bigassblackmuthafuckabouttokilloveranyminute but are you? Who insecure? Look at ur big then look at me I will continue to put ur big ass blast u said something to me first on Mo page your big ass should have been lost weight your heart about to explode like shit the only bald mama is your sorry mama I bet that bitch don't claim your insecure ass if you a homo you a homo call me a thot it makes me laugh you don't know me but you take dick in ur ass wtf u cryn for this is what YOU wanted you big ass cling on and fyi I'm at work what about ur big ass lls
  • callmegooch_Lolololololololololololol !!!!!!!!! I bet yo thot ass gotta thot job. I bet u work at walmart or a call center lolololol and fuck yo man with his pussy ass. And FYI, my homo ass graduated with honors... #tuh what year did u drop out? Girl PLEASE leave me the fuck alone lol and that spare ass bitch I said NEVER IN LIFE could a bum bitch upset me lol @prttyblkgodyss
  • ablkgodyss@callmegooch_ ur big ass gonna be on Mo's page or mine?? Ima cut ur big ass up and I'm self concious but YOU the one who changed ur pro pic to another phucked up pic! How are you a man??? Sorry don't work at walmart or a call center you couldn't have graduated with honors its no way possible and I didn't drop out for what u say girl please leave u alone but u @ me on this page and mine ur ass blacker than an oil spill you soot booger yes I'm pissn you the fuck off ur heart almost bust when saw ur pic on my page puttn ur blurple ass on blast spare ass bitch? U got like three spare bodies hanging off yo ass now u done!
  • ellebeauxboogie@naturellyfe. Um..
  • naturellyfe@ellebeauxboogie smh
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