Let's get it
  • paulpierceLet's get it

  • coin.duplicating@mluster99 honestly stop your just asking for hate for commenting that
  • robertvazquez3427@paulpierce wow done with Paul pierce signing with Washington really thought he would've came back 🍀 all the celtics fans still loved you cause you didn't leave like Ray Allen you left cause you were traded now you get a choice to come back and you don't. You said the truth is you bleed green well the truth is your a liar.
  • thelucasvieira_@paulpierce welcome to the wizards
  • mlpp28@b_k_iii
  • tpowers20He'll be like 37 when this contract is over he could still sign with c's and if he doesn't he'll still always be a celtic and so will ray @robertvazquez3427
  • alaidalolAaah can't wait for what the playoffs will be like this year( especially with all the new teams )
  • j_wade11813@tpowers20 bitch FUCK Ray Allen
  • j_wade11813@bigheezy exactly
  • tpowers20Let me guess your one of those Celtic fans that never got over ray leaving. Move On.its been 2 years since he left. Btw 17 would've never happened without him @j_wade11813
  • allekianHow did you do in this poker tournament @paulpierce ?
  • j_wade11813@tpowers20 damn right I am, and u support him for going I Miami ? For less money? An a spot on the bench? Yo team up with lebron? And leave a family he had in Boston? U don't have a clue what it takes to have Celtic pride, and neither does ray. Fuck outta here
  • tpowers20I actually have a shit load of celtic pride unlike you I realize that every person on a championship team is important to team history, rays important to 2008 because it would not have happened without him. Don't get me wrong i fucking hate the heat i hate everything about them but ray was and still is my favorite player just like you and me will always bleed green support the celtics i will always support ray no mater where he goes. @j_wade11813
  • j_wade11813@tpowers20 god bless u man, that's what I'm talking about. GO CELTICS! And I will Allways respect him for what he did in 08 we wouldn't I don't it without him bu I won't forgive him for the decisions he made after. But if your a Celtic then were a family an we stick together, a Celtic family
  • zachtaneyWizards are amazing and I think anyone who hates you leaving the celtics and the nets should get a hell of a life
  • dreamchaser_h@helpful_shoutz got me 1k
  • brandonabzug@stillstanley
  • stanleyspiegelman@brandon_abzug xbox
  • niko_akbadLets get it #Learn2bet wit me P
  • wonkadabossWhere was this tourny at?
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