I'd call it 'chilling', but it's too hot ;) #palmsprings @groupon #summerofgroupon
  • runeatrepeatI'd call it 'chilling', but it's too hot ;) #palmsprings @groupon #summerofgroupon

  • meghanliftsLooks perfect though @runeatrepeat !
  • elpenor23Baking? ;-)
  • mburton0214I hope there are water misters near you. I was there over Memorial Day and I was sizzling.
  • institchesknitsHey Monica, I have a question for you. How do you recover and train between two marathons on two following weekends? I'm very impressed, you're amazing and such a motivation! A marathon usual bumbs me out of a month.
  • runeatrepeat@snisn I take it super easy in between, I'm really big on recovery and rehab. Also, I don't run 'balls out' when I have another race coming up, usually take it easy.
  • institchesknitsThanks for your answer. I don't know if I'll ever be able to run a marathon 7 days after running a marathon. You are amazing!
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