Early this morning. Got to enjoy one on one time with Jace for a couple of hours. 😎🌴☀️
  • j_evans1219Early this morning. Got to enjoy one on one time with Jace for a couple of hours. 😎🌴☀️

  • uhohoopsydaisy@taylorshort1 fuck you. 😘
  • robbiechadmaxYea because nathan had to stay home with the baby
  • dianakdeeWhy!? What about the newborn baby..!
  • bang_bitchbangIs she not allowed to spend time with her older son knowing she did him wrong in his past she wants them to feel.equal ? My god who knew it was a crime to spend "a couple hours" away from a newborn to be with the older sibling ...
  • ajmcd_7Lmao @taylorshort1 you wanna tell @uhohoopsydaisy to go find some class for cussing. Then in the next sentence you cuss. Hmm hypocrit? Not to mention you talking shit about her being disable and saying "she's lucky you don't know her in person" News flash honey, you're the ignorant little cunt who needs to find some class. You obviously didn't get your ass whooped enough growing up.
  • ericarichard01Anyone with common sense on parenting knows when you have more then 1 child you need to make 1 on 1 time with each one of them. Other wise a child can feel unimportant
  • kymarie_98He looks so much like you❤️ can't wait to see the baby❤️ keep being amazing Jenelle❤️
  • _rebecca__2Have you had your other baby yet
  • ashleyandersonn__he's the cutest kid ever omg
  • tosha_drennanyahoocomNice family pic
  • brooke.x.13@alilast25 She's always had time for Jace! Who the hell do you think you are? Obviously not a good person if your gonna talk about someone else. Keep your comments to your self!
  • k._.repHorrible mother
  • mindyourliz@kristinrepella keep ur comments to yourself 👌 don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all
  • k._.repSounds good! Have a nice day :) @mindyourliz
  • court2314No honey @xoxo_forever_karyn your the cyber bully!! Your like on every pic talkin shit to EVERYONE! You cant hide behind your computer your whole life! Your nothing but a low life piece of gypsy trash who feeds on drama and bullshit! So kindly leave and get back to your housework bitch because u r unwanted here or ANYWHERE!
  • baaylee8@xoxo_forever_karyn he is just fine with his mother and grandma . Sometimes they both don't get along but she is a good mother . A mother with mistakes is the best mom , because she knows what's right and wrong .
  • swagger_queen11@court2314 shut up and stop talking about people
  • brooke_bruetteSee people only hate on he because they never show this side of her on her show .. Give her a break people.
  • qv_meggyGET OFF TV
  • kayla.cowarttGoing through all the pictures with you and jace, yea you made bad decisions but you are the best mom!
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