Happy fourth everyone! @typbr Kase & I enjoyed the parade here in CO. Send pics of your weekend!
  • jewelHappy fourth everyone! @typbr Kase & I enjoyed the parade here in CO. Send pics of your weekend!

  • michellefredericksSending you all ❤️❤️
  • ktillotsonjrJewel! No worries. I'm single! You were meant for me...
  • jayfiredudeHanging out at fireworks with fire department
  • jayfiredudeLook like you have fun
  • wendisueLove you two and hoping you can work it out !!! This picture makes me happy !!
  • countrycowgirlwithawadesaddleAlso, sending your family the best. Divorce is never easy, but everything happens for a reason, and it's truly refreshing how loving and mature you two are. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be, but that doesn't mean there has to be animosity. I think you are so beautiful inside and out, and such a great role model and inspiration. All the best to you, and again, can't wait to see you in grass valley!
  • lady_rikLove all your song , here is erika your fans from indonesia ... 😊
  • lindyluray♥♥♥
  • jackypaigeY'all are adorable.
  • qwertyuychuaFrom pieces of you, now im 29 im still a big fan!!!
  • thelatephoenix"Break Me" is a masterpiece. thank you for all your music. your voice, especially your lower register, is so beautifully evocative.
  • calinicoleee@visit_telluride
  • maryccc1959Jewel is this really your instagram
  • shaunexplainsitall<33
  • treyswizzyI saw you perform before you were famous! You performed at my grandma's house in Laguna Niguel!! I don't know if you remember that but you have an amazing voice and I hope you continue to do AMAZING in the singing business!
  • solonia2960Nice family Jewels
  • andrewnmelanieShe made this account before her split w Ty people....this is real
  • tainted_punk@best51kshoutouts
  • gtexman69Hope we can b friends
  • insta_grisIn the shadow, you're holding hands 👪
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