• alixadamsAfter 11 photo attempts this is our best family 4th of July portrait...you should have seen the eye rolls when I asked the boys to quit playing to take a photo.

  • theclarkysI love how obsessed Liam is with Clint. Every other word in nursery is "dad" 😂
  • natnotes@janaanw feels your pain. We interrupted a football game because the light was great. 😂
  • janaanwSoooo much eye rolling. They'll appreciate these pictures on day!
  • alixadams@theclarkys that's so sweet! He asks where Clint is all day :)
  • alixadams@natnotes oh man...you are brave!😉
  • alixadams@janaanw I hope so! I usually just have to pick the picture that is most in focus, no the one where we look good :)
  • alixadams#fourthofjuly #4thofjuly
  • natshaw1Hope you had a good 4th! Cute belly!
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