• harleyemeryCarry on is ready to go for Costa Rica! I have all of the essentials - my favorite @kindsnacks bars, @derekblasberg 's book "Classy" (which I highly recommend), and a few other slightly important belongings.

    For those of you who have not heard, @missor2013 and I will be working at a home for trafficking victims, where we will speak about inner beauty and appropriate appearance in the professional world, lead worship, teach English classes, and assist with various projects. We are so thankful to everyone who has and is continuing to support us!

    That being said, we will be in a remote town in CR, so I will not be available for the next 12 days. Please DO NOT TEXT ME. Thank you!

    #kindawesome #CRmissiontrip #timeforanadventure #kindsnacks

  • derekblasberg👏
  • krystaprehodaThis is awesome
  • luvnme3kidz@harleyemery really awesome! So proud to know you & Allison. @allisonecook have an amazing journey!
  • harleyemeryThanks @krystaprehoda ! We really wanted to end our year with something big- I hope more title holders will do things like this in the future!
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