Bikini models keeping score just adds to the bullshit factor
  • chefazBikini models keeping score just adds to the bullshit factor

  • therealjefflawson@palumbowinery Well said! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!
  • radioactivemateSeriously? Your mocking competitive eating? All you do is plow your face with weird food from around the world, that's how you make a living and your dogging on them... wow
  • msmakebaYeah I think you all fail to realize that what he eats on tv is bizarre to us but food to people in other countries But stuffing your face full of hot dogs is not normal.
  • kylekonnectedAgree with @chefaz completely! Time for America to ditch the overly hyped shitshow that is the annual Nathan's hot dog eating contest in Coney Island. Andrew travels the world embracing and teaching others about cultures and their unique foods not stuffing his face with water soaked hot dog buns and fists full of hot dogs. It's gross, sets a bad example, and George Shea is a total psychotic media whore! #nathans #hotdogcontest #espn #georgeshea
  • kylekonnectedAnd no those girls are NOT bikini models LOL! I don't think the term "model" should be used to describe any of them! #yikes #fugly
  • thecommonersOn #espn?? Lol!
  • janey_cc@palumbowinery I think the difference is he eats food of cultural or interesting/popular significance....what is the point of this race of stuffing their faces? Each to their own I suppose
  • magna69Who cares? These people choose to do this to themselves! Too much? Absolutely but I will sleep just fine!
  • andrewlolalolaWhy bullshit? You don't think they are eating them?
  • featherframeI don't understand how these people survive. The amount of salt and other chemicals used to make hotdogs at that quantity cannot be healthy. But it's been going on for years. No deaths u assume.
  • bombers607@kylekonnected u shouldn't be judging
  • bombers607@eanderson74 thanx doc
  • jaspooh1230espn actually covers this crap?
  • mammothtusks@hellzeeko the caption.
  • cheflajakedaveBro. They are not bikini models.
  • topcalara@palumbowinery @radioactivemate guys, what @chefaz does in his show is feature the local food of the country he is visiting. It may appear weird to you but it's normal fare in that part of the world. I do think wasting food via eating competitions is bad and pointless, and that's what he's upset about.
  • 1patient_crocodileLost a fan.
  • alskee84Butt cancer, yeah!!!!!
  • dragopentlingGuys, he's not disrespecting the competitive's just the looks of the scorekeepers that just doesn't add up
  • therealkarega@dollarpoundyen disgusting bullshit.
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