This is the most disgusting thing I have seen in a long time. Why? Why?
  • chefazThis is the most disgusting thing I have seen in a long time. Why? Why?

  • dylnhrtz@ryanleet80 yeah haha
  • jswoodworkscoAsians love hot dogs for some reason............
  • mommanelly1Shocked that of all things on tv a
  • mommanelly1And nightly news this is the most disgusting thing you have seen in a while. Now that is Bizarre.
  • _pants_party_peeloEating contest now. Shitting contest later.
  • niceonemucca@jswoodworksco 😂😂😂too true
  • food_guns_golf_lasvegasAmerica hating assholes
  • rnvazquezAll eating contests are disgusting. It's so pointless, stupid & gluttonous!
  • eblagasseThis is a particularly scathing commentary coming from someone that ate rotten half-hatched eggs!
  • dallanatorresYou know I always wondered if the guy from Man Vs Food would win this contest?
  • gigi221Oh come on @chefaz after everything you eat this is disgusting? ! LOL
  • topcalaraGuys, what @chefaz ate in his show may look disgusting to you but he just ate food that is common fare in that particular part of the world. I do agree though that these competitions are unhealthy and a waste. All the food would be puked out after the contest. That could have been given to real hungry or homeless folks.
  • alekzbf@topcalara well said
  • gimmekushgimmefaceRofl you're one to talk
  • deecortezwx@djtango Bizarre Foods promoted sampling everything... Not gluttony. You can't compare @chefaz 's show to THIS nonsense. #JustSayin
  • colli_sumthing@chefaz stop posting lame selfies every day and that will be one less disgusting thing(s) that everyone has to see... Do your reporting and do your recon, but I'm pretty sure nobody wants to look at you...
  • belle_suhailWhy do people have to be negative? Just infollow if u don't want to see.. Or are u lacking common sense? To not realize it is as simple as *click unfollow to not see posts by certain people*, you must be..
  • belle_suhail*unfollow
  • effenmyla@colli_sumthing no one is forcing you to look at his Instagram. Or his selfies. So the hostility is unjustifiable 💁
  • colli_sumthing@effenmyla I actually like a lot of his posts, very informative and thorough, but the weird close up shots of his face with his glasses on his forehead are just excessive unnecessary at this point.
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