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  • matt_and_natwww.mattandnat.com #mattandnat #veganhandbags #vegan #handbags #sale

  • trudysmumI placed a reorder in error this morning. Just wanted to add another item to an existing one placed yesterday. Sent email to report. Have not heard back from anyone yet. I'd imagine you're all busy. Hope I can cancel yesterday's order.
  • matt_and_nat@trudysmum can you give me both your order numbers and I will have someone look into this right away!
  • matt_and_nat@trudysmum I can see that my colleague received your email this morning and already replied to it but nonetheless we are calling you now to ensure you only receive what you want :)
  • trudysmumMany thanks @matt_and_nat! Been in touch with your colleague since and problem solved! Great service 😊
  • matt_and_nat@trudysmum we're glad! Enjoy your purchase!
  • emilydaggI had my items all picked out and then didn't place my order in time! :( When can I expect another @matt_and_nat ??
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