• jaime_kingFaceeater/kissinglessons

  • tarala1217Thank you for sharing your story! I know how much myself and other women need to hear that they are never alone
  • charsg8So so pleased that you're sharing your story, its got to be hard as a public figure to be open about infertility which is so personal but you have mine and all of my friends who I met through IVF (now friends for life) upmost respect 😘x
  • alysensimmonsTHANK YOU for sharing your story! I too have PCOS and have been ttc for 3 years. 3 failed IUI's, ready to bring out the big guns and embark on our 1st IVF this Fall. It's an emotional journey of a rollercoaster, but hearing stories like yours gives us all hope, and I thank you for that!
  • zabalaoramaJust read about this on Facebook! So glad whenever anyone speaks out about this topic, as it's far more common than we think. I thank God everyday for my twin boys and will never forget the struggle we had before they arrived. 💙💙
  • godfreysanderspr@paigelaurenlosangeles
  • erikabmoralesThank you for sharing your story, as I as well have endometriosis.
  • darlingnikki57Thank you for sharing your story!
  • lat.oneWhat a story. Congrats on your family.
  • sperello007You showed courage and persistence through so much heartbreak. I'm blown away.
  • annafavillesmithYou're amazing x
  • thatgipsygirlInspirational.
  • wtfong05Thank you for keepin it real!
  • jkmurray7Awww too freakin cute!
  • m4nuela1988<3<3
  • s_i_m_p_l_y__m_eTrop mimi <3
  • na998866so cute。
  • pcosaa@jaime_king baby in teal!!! #TeamTeal #pcos #pcosaa
  • s_asanova@tince_k 😍😍
  • tince_k@s_asanova I know😍
  • tarcisiodepadua@tarciasavana
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