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  • johngarrettx15 second animated comic! I animated this in Blender just to see how it would go. As my first attempt I'm pretty happy with it.

    I did it with Instagram in mind so it's only 15 seconds, and that put a bit of a strain on readability, but I'll figure out how to deal with it as I do more of these.

    This comic is set in the universe my upcoming sci-fi novel Titans|Divinity.

    The Titans are a peacekeeping force along the same line as DC's Green Lanterns, except much more brutal.

    You can see more at the book site:www.titansdivinity.com.

    #scifi #sci-fi #sciencefiction #3d #3dart #blender#blender3d #cycles #blendercycles #dazstudio #titansdivinity

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