• rcarecordsTake to the sky with @HilaryDuff!! Have some #tgif fun & help us fill the sky with these paper planes! 1.) Print a plane template at HilaryDuff.com or make your own
    2.) Snap a pic/video & Post it to Instagram using hashtags #ChasingTheSun & #HilaryDuff
    3.) Voila! Check back on HilaryDuff.com to see it in the photo gallery!

  • johnalnicolasI'll print soon! I'll be the only in #hongkong
  • nimaneemzDoing this!!
  • cupofcouple✨💥🚀💕
  • ral_andresHere we goooooooooo!!!! #chasingthesun @hilaryduff
  • sing_and_dance_and_loveHey RCA records this is Ariana Andrews not grande and my Instagram is sing_and_dance_and_love any ways I have I dream of singing I'm ten years old almost eleven and I'm working on songs and all that stuff I'm waiting till I'm older to come out to New York but anyways hopefully I be there some day performing and you will give me a chance becky g is my idol
  • dbmshawnbutters92Checkout this up and coming unsigned female artist @ladilennox she rap better then alot these guys she dope check link in her Bio
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