Angelic. Acceptable. Lol
  • nickiminajAngelic. Acceptable. Lol

  • taylor.dixson@libby.eden you annoy me🙈seriously. You need to learn to keep your mouth shut. Called people ugly isn't gonna help the situation. Plus everyone has their own opinion on things. And this photo isn't slutty. They are wearing swimsuits. And also they aren't sluts because they are holding onto each other! You don't even know he definition of slut. I'm not hating on Niki. But at least these girls don't write songs about "anacondas" and big butts.
  • taylor.dixsonNo need to cuss. Some beaches allow nudity. Plus this is a photo. You can't call someone a slut from a photo @libby.eden
  • taylor.dixsonNo I could care less. I'm just trying to tell you not to judge people from photos. Plus sometimes you should keep you opinion on the inside. @libby.eden
  • libby.eden@taylor.dixson well I deleted the comment shits done and convo over (I cuss bc I like to not bc I'm mad 😉)
  • taylor.dixsonThank you. And it ok to cuss I do it too, but sometimes it makes the situation worse and more serious😂 @libby.eden
  • libby.eden@taylor.dixson I got mad at that one girl bc 1) she was being racist. 2) I'm basically in love with nicki lol 😂😂
  • taylor.dixson@libby.eden 😂😂who isn't in love with niki??
  • libby.edenI can't name a single person 😂😂 she is queen @taylor.dixson
  • libby.edenAnd I followed u lol
  • tyrahook1Goddamn ya'll some hateful ass people just chill.... People have different shaped booties not all of us were blessed with trainers and money to achieve a book shelf ass.
  • mattsadik24Real
  • beauhenneha@kakashi__sensei__ this??
  • brandon.bigheart@beauhenneha thank you
  • maiiguerreroReal women! Not like you, nicki minaj!
  • alterekirvingWhat you know about this nicki
  • kawennaroroksSee this proves my point pll are just mad cuz Nicki has a better ass than them
  • xobabykel@maiiguerrero U STILL NEED MILK
  • onikapostTEAA
  • chrisq00Shut the fuck up ugly black whore have you even seen your face in the mirror black ugly whore
  • meyathescammer@chrisq00 she's a millionaire and hot AF. Ur balding. So who's really winning?
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